Dream of: 23 October 1986 (2) "Alexis Colby"

Morning. Louise and I had been staying together for a while. We were in bed together and were both completely nude. I put my arms around her, looked at her nude body, pulled her close to me and began kissing her. I hadn't been having sex with her since we had been together, although I could tell she wanted to. I had decided not to have sex anymore. I could tell she wanted to have sex so badly, however, I almost felt it was my duty to do so, even though I really didn't want to.

Some money was lying on the bed; I picked it up and looked at it -- about $250. But then I realized it was play money. I asked Louise where she had gotten it. She said she had just found it in her billfold and she didn't know where it had come from. Maybe she had cashed a check and it had been given to her or maybe one of her legal clients had given it to her. A check was also there for the same amount from her husband Vernon. Apparently Vernon was taking care of her and reimbursing her for the play money.

I asked her where Vernon was and she said he had gone away for a week or two on a trip somewhere. In the meantime she was staying with me. It seemed the romance between her and Vernon had died down considerably and that she was no longer so enthused about him.

It occurred to me just how much Louise reminded me the character Alexis Colby (played by the actress Joan Collins in the television series "Dynasty"). Louise even looked like Alexis. The way Louise acted and her attitude of life in general almost seemed to mirror Alexis.

I had an erection and I could feel that Louise's vagina was rather moist. So I went ahead and inserted my penis in her. I decided I could go ahead and have intercourse without having an orgasm. But I had already decided that if I had sex again, whether I had an orgasm or not, I was going to cut my hair which had become quite long and I told her I was now going to have to it.

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