Dream of: 22 October 1986 (2) "Island Under the Bridge"

I was on the US Grant Bridge which crosses the Ohio River at Portsmouth, Ohio into Kentucky. I noticed an island was under the bridge between the two middle piers; there was still room on both ends of the bridge so barges could pass under. George Musser (a Portsmouth acquaintance) was also on the bridge and he told me the island had been pulled here from a deserted place upstream.

Apparently, the island wasn't firmly attached to the bottom and the government had brought the island to the bridge so people could see it, enjoy it and go out on it. I could see some very large trees on the island, the leaves of which trees were changing color due to autumn. It looked as if the island had sunk just a little and a few of the trees were slightly covered by water. In one forest area some trees appeared to be dying because they had been inundated by water. Nevertheless it appeared that it was going to be a very beautiful island there for people to enjoy.

George said nobody had used the island when it had been upstream. He had been on it a few times himself.

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