Dream of: 22 October 1986 "Winning The Lottery"

I was in the Gay Street House where my mother, my sister and my brother Chris were living. As I watched television, I saw a fellow (a manual laborer) who had won several million dollars in a lottery. After winning the lottery he had quit his job and now was being shown on television playing a piano quite well. I thought if someone had to win, he had been a good candidate.

My mother walked into the room and told me that Chris had just won a lottery for over six million dollars from a lottery ticket which had been bought for him at the local hospital. I was unsure who had bought the ticket for Chris, but I thought the person might have been my great-uncle Adolph. I was happy that Chris had won, but I still felt sad because Chris would never really be able to enjoy the use of the money. I knew he was bedfast and he couldn't move much.

My mother was excited. When I asked her who had told her Chris had won, she said the officials from the lottery had called and told her. Apparently one of lottery officials was also going to come and visit Chris. According to my mother, the officials wouldn't call back until Saturday. I suggested to my mother that she call the officials and find out just how the money was going to be paid. I told my mother that Chris would probably not receive all the money at once. The lottery might require, for example, that if Chris had won $100,000, he would only receive $5,000 a year for 20 years.

My sister walked into the room and my mother told her about the lottery. I began to realize my sister and I would probably become millionaires. My parents would inherit the money when Chris died, and my sister and I in turn would inherit the money when my parents died. What would I do with the money? Perhaps I would attend Harvard Law School and enroll in a master's program; or maybe I would study something else. I was unsure. I thought about calling Louise and telling her. How shocked she would be to learn that I was actually going to become a millionaire; she would be devastated. I might also call up Walls and tell him about it.

I figured Chris would probably need a lawyer now to represent his interests. I would probably be chosen. I realized the federal government was going to take about half of all the money for income taxes.

I walked into the room where Chris was and looked at him lying on the bed. He looked quite small; he was trying to move around a little. He had two, small, thin tubes inserted in tiny holes in his stomach, something I had been unaware of before. I didn't know what the tubes were for. Chris needed some help with one tube because it was slipping out of his stomach and needed to be put back in; but I didn't know exactly how to help him. He didn't seem too concerned about having won the lottery; he was more concerned about getting his tubes back in him.

I returned to the other room and told my mother that she should now hire someone to come in and take care of Chris full time. She said, "Like a nurse."

I said, "Yea."

She seemed to think it was a good idea, but I still had the feeling she was reluctant to spend a lot of money for a nurse. And a nurse would cost a lot of money probably around $10 an hour.

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