Dream of: 21 October 1986 (2) "Supreme Court Clerk"

I had gone to work as a clerk for the US Supreme Court although I didn't seem to have any specific duties. I was talking with one of the justices one day and told him I liked reading legal cases. He gave me a case which was going to come before the court which hadn't yet been decided and he told me to go read it. I read the case, liked it, returned and told the justice about it. He told me many cases were coming before the court and that he wasn't able to read all of them and when people would ask him about them he couldn't remember them. He gave me two more cases and as I was leaving, he said that when I came back he would like for me to help him write something. Apparently he wanted me to start writing part of the opinions of some cases the Supreme Court was deciding.

I walked out into the hall and saw a tall, attractive, slender blonde woman (about 30 years old). I admired the woman and I was spiritually attracted to her. She had also read the case I had just finished reading and she asked me what I had thought about it and what the issue of the case had been. I wanted to know first what she had thought about it and I said, "Well you first."

She responded, "No, you first."

I said, "Well really I can't remember. It's been 10 minutes since I read it."

My memory was so bad that within 10 minutes I had completely forgotten the case. So she began talking about the case, which had something to do with freedom of speech, although I wasn't exactly sure what.

I resolved to read the case again and try to understand it. I walked into another room, pulled out the case and began reading it. When I read the first sentence it seemed to have some little pictures of people mixed in with the words. I tried to make all the symbols of the sentence fit together and I had to read the sentence several times before the words made any sense as symbols. The symbolism of words was striking to me how that words were really just symbols. What an intricate process it was for the human mind to actually fit the word-symbols together.

Apparently I hadn't completely mastered the process of reading. I didn't seem to be able to fit the words together and remember them so I could form something in my mind that made sense. Perhaps I was becoming senile.

I continued reading and finally some pictures did begin forming in my mind. The case apparently had something to do with some immigrants who had come to the United States. A picture of an old hewn-log cabin formed in my mind. The cabin was somewhere out in the country and was used as some kind of memorial, but the case itself was a modern day case taking place in a city and had to do with the city somehow repressing people's right to speak. I was unsure how the log cabin fit into the scheme.

A lot of weeds seemed to be growing around the cabin. From one of the logs of the cabin a large tree had grown. It looked something like a banana tree but in a way resembled a very large vine. Some other vines were hanging in mid-air near the tree without actually being in it. The tree was called a "planton" tree. I thought "planton" was the Spanish word for "banana." Some round objects, which appeared to be coconuts, were also hanging from the tree.

I seemed to be grasping the case, but I still couldn't seem to put my finger on the actual issue. I knew that when I wrote about the case I wanted to limit what I said to the actual issue.

As I tried to decipher the case, I also began visualizing one of the justices of the Supreme Court lying in a bed in the city where the case was taking place. Another man was lying in bed with him and they were both reading cases. They also had some other books there concerning the case. Apparently they had gone to the city to investigate the case. There had only been one room in the hotel there, so they had both had to stay in it, although they hadn't liked the fact.

The judge was finally ready to go to sleep and he indicated to the other man (who was actually the judge's assistant) that he should turn off the light. It occurred to me that the judge somewhat resembled the judge I had been working with and that his assistant somewhat resembled me.

The assistant indicated to the judge that the judge needed to get his law books out of the bed. He did so and the light was then turned off.

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