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Dream of: 21 October 1986 "Soviet Dissidents"

The Russians were trying to make a treaty with the United States. The Russians had a number of Soviet dissidents who had tried to escape from Russia and go to the United States. Part of the treaty provided that the dissidents would be executed. A large number of people in the United States would be part of the decision-making process of whether to enter into the treaty.

Thousand of Americans had traveled to the Soviet Union and entered a large room to confer about the treaty. Nine or ten other Americans and I had decided to protest against the treaty. If we went into the Soviet Union and protested, we also would probably be executed. Nevertheless we traveled to the Soviet Union and we managed to enter the building where all the Americans were.

We came to an elevator in the building just as some Soviet dissident scientists stepped off the elevator. They were also protesting the treaty and they were going to join us. The Soviet dissident scientist accompanied us into a room where a large glass wall separated us from all the other Americans. We were planning to make speeches here in protest of the Soviet dissidents being executed. I was aware that we would also be executed if the Americans didn't agree with us.

As I looked at the Americans I realized hundreds of people whom I actually knew were here. It made me realize that I probably actually knew thousands of people in the United States. I recalled that over 300 people I knew had appeared in dreams which I had recorded. Austin was among the people in the room. I thought, "Now there's Austin. He's going to become a distinguished attorney someday."

But I wasn't completely sure that would happen. Austin might just end up living in Portsmouth and never distinguish himself at all.

The Americans here would probably not want to see me executed simply because I was protesting the execution of Soviet dissidents pursuant to the treaty between the Soviet Union and the United States. I was becoming very emotional about what was taking place and I wasn't disturbed by the fact that I might die. I thought I was doing the right thing.

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