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Dream of: 20 October 1986 (2) "Psychology Professor"

I was in Portsmouth preparing to go to school. It was about 7:30 a.m. and I had to be at school by 8 a.m. I boarded my gray Volkswagen and drove off, but I was hungry and decided I first wanted to get something to eat. So I drove down to a small restaurant in the West End of Portsmouth on Front Street.

I went into the restaurant, ordered a doughnut and was given one which appeared toped with lemon meringue and filled with white whipped cream. I squeezed out some whipped cream, ate it and then ate the rest of the doughnut. I thought that was all I wanted and paid for it, about 35 cents. But then I decided I wanted something else and I ordered a chocolate doughnut and something to drink from one of the teenage waitresses.

When I ordered, the waitresses gathered around and seemed interested in me. I thought they might even be attracted to me. I talked to them but basically rebuffed them in a rather haughty way.

The cost of the chocolate doughnut and drink came to around $1.07. I paid for it, but before I could be served, some other people came in, sat down at the large rectangular counter and the waitresses began serving them. I waited for almost a half hour, but the waitresses couldn't seem to get back to me. Finally, I noticed one fellow on the other side of the counter who had come in after me eating a hamburger. I addressed the waitresses and began protesting, "You've even fried hamburgers for some of these people. I've been standing here waiting. People that came in after me."

I became aggravated, told them to just keep the money and forget the doughnuts. I rose and headed toward the door; but then I turned around and told them I wanted my money back. They refused to refund my money and they still wouldn't serve me.

I decided I was going to have to leave because I was going to be late for school. I was still angry and thought I would call the manager.

Just as I turned to walk out, my old friend Staggs (about 20 years old) walked up. He had longish brown hair. I was happy to see him and thought he was teaching some kind of class in some little school in Portsmouth. He mentioned something about his not thinking that I came to that part of town since it was the more run-down section of the town.

I immediately told him I was teaching a beginners course in French at the high school and I was teaching a course in psychology at the college in Portsmouth. I felt rather proud about having the teaching positions. Staggs didn't seem particularly impressed although he lauded me for being a professor.

I suggested we get together some evening but he didn't seem to want to. I asked him where he lived but he didn't seem to want to tell me that either. I wondered if his wife Paula (one of my former high school schoolmates) had any influence on his not wanting to see me. I also wondered if Staggs remembered the times when we used to go out drinking alcohol together. I thought he might be thinking about how hard that was on our minds. I wanted him to know I didn't drink any more and had no desire to repeat those times, in case he might be shying away from me for that reason.

A fellow with long brown hair who was wearing an apron and working behind the counter serving food said something. I looked at him and thought it was Staggs' brother, Bill Staggs. I turned to Staggs and said, "Is that Bill?"

Staggs said it was. Staggs then wanted to leave and he headed toward the door. He still hadn't told me anything about himself, but I didn't stop him. He walked out the door and left.

I myself walked outside where it was pouring the rain. I headed for my car and thought if I was going to be late I would have an excuse because many people would probably be late due to the hard rain.

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