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Dream of: 19 October 1986 "Damaged Wallpaper"

While living with my mother, I discovered a machine gun which belonged to my father in one of the rooms of her house. Also in the room was a 15-year-old girl wearing a soft-looking sweater and who was living with my mother. Although I knew I wasn't supposed to use the machine gun I decided to try it out. I pointed it at a dot on the wall, opened fire and the gun began shooting little holes in the wall about the size of BBs.

The girl wanted to try out the gun and I handed it to her. She likewise began shooting little holes in the wall. When we had both finished I saw that the walls all over the room had been ripped up, apparently from ricocheting bullets. Long rips and scratches were visible all over the wallpaper. I knew what we had done was pretty bad.

The girl walked to the other side of the room. I had been becoming increasingly attracted to her, especially when she was close to me, like when I had handed her the gun. I almost felt like putting my arms around her. But finally I decided I couldn't make any kind of overt gesture toward the girl, although I might respond if she were to make some kind of gesture toward me. But it would definitely be highly improper for me to make any kind of move toward her.

I looked at the damaged wallpaper and tore off a swath. Probably five or six layers of old wallpaper were on the wall; I made a comment about how pretty the very bottom layer of wallpaper was. I finally decided we were going to have to re-wallpaper the room and I asked the girl if she would help.

My mother walked into the room and was aghast when she saw what we had done. I told her we were going to re-wallpaper it and she left. I saw that we weren't actually going to have to redo the entire room because some parts of the wall were undamaged. I then got some new, greenish wallpaper and paste and started trying to put it on one section of the room; but I was having a terribly difficult time.

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