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Dream of: 18 October 1986 (2) "One Year Lease"

I had advertised for a house to rent and a man had called me saying he had such a house. My mother and I went to see the house, which was quite beautiful, and we decided to rent it together. The house was large with spacious rooms and was sitting on a country estate although still close to the city.

My mother and I moved in. Some children also moved in with us and they proceeded to clutter up one room with toys.

Once I had moved into the house, I heard a knock at the front door and I went to answer it. The front part of the house was glass and through a window I could see a tall slender Hispanic-looking woman walking down the front walk. I found the woman deeply attractive although not sensuously beautiful. Other people going to play soccer in a nearby field were walking behind the woman. One was Salvador Ibarra and one reminded me of Rusty Jones (a Portsmouth acquaintance from junior high school). They all seemed Hispanic. I realized some people were persons with whom I had recently begun corresponding by mail and I still didn't know well, but I had already grown to like and trust them.

I opened the door and asked the woman standing in front of me to enter. I then stepped outside and said to Salvador, "Como estas?"

As Salvador and I spoke with each other in Spanish, the woman looked surprised to hear that I could speak Spanish. I asked Salvador if he wanted to see the interior of the house and he said he would see it later. I told Salvador and the others with him to go ahead and start playing soccer and that I would be out in a little while.

One fellow walked on in and apparently wanted to see the house. I trusted the fellow, I began walking around through the house with both him and the woman and I explained that my mother and I were only paying $360 a month for the house. We had gotten an exceptionally good deal because the owners had been leaving the area and simply needed someone to take care of the place. We had signed a lease for a year. I told them they could come and visit anytime. I regretted that my mother and the children lived there, but I thought I would still be able to have friends over anytime I wanted to.

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