Dream of: 18 October 1986 "Possible Mistake"

I had returned to Texas in the autumn and while here I had decided to look up Mary Biester (a Dallas attorney). I knew where her father (whom I had met and befriended once before) lived, and thinking Biester might be there, I decided to stop at his house in the country.

I knocked on the door of the large two-story house and hollered, but no one responded. Finally, I walked into a large room where what appeared to be a big wood-burning stove was in the middle of the room. Biester's father was lying in a bed and a brother of Biester's was also in the room. I asked the brother if Biester was there.

He responded, "Yea, she'll be back from school in just a little bit."

I said, "Oh she lives here now?"

He implied that she did and he added, "She lives here with her husband."

I asked, "Who's her husband?"

He answered, "Frank."

I replied, "Frank? Is that the pilot?"

I knew Biester had been dating a commercial pilot and her brother affirmed that that was who Frank was. I said, "Well so she finally got married."

I walked over to Biester's father, who hadn't been paying much attention to me, sat near him and we began talking. It appeared her father was unhappy with Biester's marriage and that he would have preferred for me to have married Biester. I wondered if it had anything to do with her husband's being partially black. Speaking of the marriage he said, "But don't give up. There's hope they'll get a divorce yet."

I said, "Well one can only hope. Well Frank's probably a pretty nice guy isn't he?"

I thought since her husband was a pilot for a major airlines, Biester would now be able to go anywhere she wanted. But I didn't think she was really interested in traveling. It would probably not be that much fun anyway, just traveling for a few nights to strange cities.

I thought when Biester saw me again she was going to regret having married. She would recall that there was a time when I might even have been interested in her and she would realize she might have made a mistake.

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