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Dream of: 16 October 1986 (3) "Big Trouble"

I was taking part in a transaction involving a couple pounds of marijuana which I had left in someone's large, two-story, country house where I had once lived. I planned to have someone pick up the marijuana for me and because I didn't have anyone else, I found a girl (only about 5-6 years old) whom I could send as a go-between. I simply planned to give her a note which she was to deliver to the person in the house.

Before I could send the girl, however, I realized I needed to go to the house myself and take care of something. Carrying a chain saw, I arrived at the house and with the saw in one hand, I began climbing up some grape vines hanging on the side of the house. The grapevines also looked somewhat like large heavy ropes and I thought perhaps they might even be ropes. I ascended to the second story where I found a door which consisted merely of a couple pieces of plywood.

Realizing no one was in the house, I stuck the blade of the saw over top the plywood, commenced sawing and continued until the plywood came loose. When I suddenly realized I had sawed more than I had intended (I hadn't actually intended to enter the house), I tried to put the plywood back in its original position. When I had finished, I began climbing back down the grapevine. Upon reaching the ground, I suddenly realized I had left my chain saw stuck back up there over top the plywood, so I climbed back up and fetched the saw. While up by the plywood, I noticed a blonde-haired girl (about 16 years old) who vaguely reminded me of Tammy (a girl I barely knew who lived on the farm which neighbored the Gallia County Farm). The girl had climbed up some other nearby grapevines. Hoping to scare her away, I held up my chainsaw and acted as if I were cocking a trigger of a gun, but she didn't budge.

I then realized a tall, strong-looking, young policeman dressed in a black uniform and a white helmet was standing on the roof next to her. When he began walking along the roof toward me, I realized I was in big trouble because the marijuana was in the house. The door to the house suddenly opened.

The policeman (acting as if he were from the gas company) asked me something about the gas in the house. He tried to act friendly, but I knew I was in trouble. I assessed the situation and realized I didn't actually have any marijuana on me. I thought maybe I would just be charged with breaking and entering, which would be better than being charged with a drug offense.

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