Dream of: 16 October 1986 (2) "Sphinx"

I was in Egypt and was being shown a large statue which seemed like the Sphinx although I wasn't sure it was the actual Sphinx. My guide and I went inside and roamed through the statute. My guide began complaining about how little money the Egyptians used for their statues and how much they spent on the military. He took me into a toilet where the water wasn't even hooked up. He said it had been that way for 10 years.

I began walking around alone. The rooms were only about 10 meters tall. I went into one of the chambers of the interior and found some vats of pork which had been stored there for a long time. I cut a little piece of fat off the pork, smelled it and then stuck it in my mouth to see what it tasted like. I swallowed it and almost immediately realized I might have made a terrible mistake. The pork might have been there for a long time and become contaminated or poisonous. I knew one could get trichinosis from pork and I thought I might have caught that, but I thought it was probably something else.

I left and found my step-grandfather Clarence in a white car. It was a very pretty new car which he had just recently bought. I boarded the car, we drove off and I began telling him about the pork I had eaten. He said it might be dangerous and that I needed to drink some pop to neutralize the danger. He told me about a special kind of Pepsi I could get, but I would have to buy five gallons of it and I would have to take a container to a store with me for the pop to be put in. We passed by a store which he pointed out to me as a place where I could buy the pop. I thought I would return to it later.

He pulled the car into a lot because he needed to stop and go somewhere. The car was a convertible and the top was down. I had a briefcase, some kind of recording device and some suits with me and I didn't think it would be safe to leave everything in the car. I began picking up some stuff and thought I might either put it in the trunk or carry it with me. I stood outside looking at my things when I noticed that there was also a small Dashound in the car.

I remembered we had gotten the Dashound a few days before, had left it in the car and I had forgotten that it was even there.

A car suddenly pulled up from behind which seemed to be having trouble with the brakes. The car ran into Clarence's car and pushed it down a stairwell into a store at the bottom of the stairs. I was aghast. The man finally stopped his car, got out and walked up to me. I said, "What in the hell do you think you're doing?"

The man realized he had been at fault. Quite a few witness were also standing around who had seen the wreck. I picked up a pen and something to write on and asked the man his name. At first I thought he said his name was "Fair" but then it sounded as if he said it was "Swain." I still wasn't sure I had it right. He walked back to his car and another man walked up. I asked him if he had seen the wreck and he replied that he had. I said, "Well I need to get your name also."

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