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Dream of: 15 October 1986 "Alumbra"

I was walking down a street in Mexico carrying a scarf. Sitting on the street was a small Mexican girl (who seemed like a baby and was dressed like a baby, but who was actually about 3 years old) and a boy (probably 7-8 years old). The little girl grabbed one end of my scarf and I tried to pull it back from her. She also pulled and I thought she might be trying to pull me around so one of them could grab my wallet.

I broke away and as I did so I grabbed the little girl and took her with me. I took her home with me, talked with her and learned that although she had some parents somewhere, she didn't know where they were or anything about them. The little boy was her brother and took care of her although she really didn't like him that much. She said her brother worked for someone and made fifty cents an hour doing something. Finally, I decided I would keep her, adopt her and become her father.

I explained to her that I was going to keep her and I thought she seemed to like the idea. I dressed her up to take her out somewhere. I thought I might take her to a shopping mall because she had been living on the streets for a long time and probably had never been to a shopping mall.

Before we left, I noticed the girl was smoking a cigarette. I took it from her and put it out in the sink. I told her she would no longer be able to smoke cigarettes and she told me that she didn't mind and that she didn't like the taste of cigarettes anyway. It seemed strange to me that a 3-year-old would be smoking in the first place. She then said something about "malas palabras." Apparently, she had often used curse words but she thought she could also give them up. We left for the mall and once outside we encountered her brother, who wanted her back. I said, "No, she's mine now. I'm her father."

I continued to explain to him that I was keeping her and that I was going to become her father, but he said she already had a father. I thought the brother might tell the real father what was taking place and cause some problems. Nevertheless I continued to maintain I was now the girl's father. The boy seemed as if he wanted to fight and I told him I would fight with him if he wanted to. 

I thought about even adopting the boy also, but he was already a bit too old and I didn't think it would work out.

I talked to the little girl again and learned her name was "Alumbra." That seemed to me to be a beautiful name.

I began to realize that I was actually dreaming and that nothing taking place was actually happening. But I thought if I ever actually did have a little girl like that I would like to name her Alumbra. It also occurred to me that maybe I should try to adopt a child like that. I knew in the past I had dreamed of doing something like that. Even the previous day in a state of heightened awareness I had contemplated adopting a little girl. Now I had had this powerful dream about adoption. I also found special significance in the name of the girl. I knew that "alumbra" was a Spanish verb (I was surprised it wasn't a noun) and that it meant "it lights up, it sheds light."

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