Dream of: 14 October 1986 "God Climbing The Hill"

man's destiny is

revealed daily in subtle

messages from god

Albert Einstein was teaching a class in which he was showing some other students and me how to make sculptures. One of the sculptures which he had already assembled resembled a pyramid, constructed from boards nailed together so that each side of the pyramid was about a half meter from base to apex. Einstein explained that the boards had to first be assembled into the pyramid, and then planed down smooth. He carefully showed the students how to plane the sides on all four surfaces of the pyramid so that no rough areas would remain. The final product was quite appealing. Although I myself was not particularly interested in making one of the pyramids, I was quite intrigued by the amount of time and effort the students expended in constructing them.

I finally walked outside where a rather large group of people was gathered. Ronald Reagan was among them. I knew that being around Reagan was dangerous because so much conflict had been developing lately in the world; someone might drop a bomb on him at any time.

Noticing a high hill nearby, I walked over to it and decided to climb it. As I struggled up the rather steep side of the hill, I could hear people talking in the background, and their voices seemed to correspond with vague thoughts which I was having. The voices were talking about perfection and making a comparison between the perfection of Einstein's sculpture-building work, and the perfection of my climbing the hill. Somehow the two types of perfection were related. One voice also said something about God climbing the hill, and something about perfection on top of the hill. Another voice said that the hill became steeper toward the top, where there was danger of falling off. The voices and thoughts were unclear, and I was unsure how they related to each other.

Since I did not have any climbing equipment, after I had climbed the hill a short distance, I began sliding back down. Even though I had not ascended far, the descent seemed long. Seeing the hefty length of the distance that I was sliding down, I thought it was probably best that I had not tried to toil all the way to the top.

Once I had reached the bottom of the hill, I began walking around again, and realized I was somewhere in Dallas. Still thinking about what Einstein had been teaching, I thought that I needed to make a collage and that perhaps I could even use some of Einstein's principles in the collage. I could see that if I were to make a beautiful collage, I would have to pay special attention to the smallest details.

I envisioned the collage as a large, almost life-sized representation of Rodin's statue "The Thinker." I contemplated leaving the neck out of the collage so that the head would appear to be floating over the body.

In the collage, I also wanted to illustrate the dwindling influence of my ex-wife Bonnie in my life. To portray this message, I could paste pictures around the Thinker's head to depict what he was thinking. I might even show some pictures as passing through his head.

I continued walking until I reached a tall office building. Sauntering inside, I ascended to the top floor, where I discovered a restaurant. I strode through the quiet family restaurant, feeling strong and virile. I was wearing a tee shirt which accentuated the muscles that I had lately been developing. Thinking I might want something to eat, I began looking at the plates on the tables as I walked past the booths. The plates were filled with typical helpings of vegetables and meat. Although I did not want any meat, I thought I might order some vegetables.

However, I was still unsure I wanted to eat there, and finally I simply left. I thought I might like to visit my friend, Jon Wickizer (whom I had first met in law school), who now lived on a spacious ranch near Fort Worth. Since I knew that Jon had a dog, I wondered what it would be like if I were to take a dog of my own to Jon's place. I thought Jon also had a horse, and I even imagined the horse running through the field with a distinctive type of movement. First the horse would sprint, and then it would gallop. It was quite a beautiful sight.

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