Dream of: 12 October 1986 (2) "Bathroom Mirror"

I was living in a house with my parents and had gone to the toilet to take a bath. On the wall of the toilet was a small shelf which contained about 10 small clocks. Most said 10:15 but some didn't have the right time. I also noticed a mirror in the room.

As I began filling the tub with water I heard a knock at the door, opened it and found my sister standing there. She had long hair and looked like she was about 16-17. Apparently, she was in a hurry and wanted to use the bathroom. Nevertheless I began taking off my clothes. She also began taking off her clothes.

I wanted to stand nude in front of her. I first took off my pants. I was still wearing a button up blue shirt which I thought probably covered my pubic region although I wasn't sure. I began unbuttoning the shirt. She meanwhile took off her pants and I could clearly see her pubic region. I thought of pulling her close to me and kissing her, but didn't.

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