Dream of: 11 October 1986 "Position Is Important"

I was in a forest in a large tent which was probably six or seven meters high and made from pieces of cloth patched together. I walked to another nearby tent to retrieve two blankets to bring back to the tent I was in. One blanket was a quilt with a colorful pattern which I thought I might even hang over a hole in the side of the tent where I was staying. When I returned to the inside of my tent I looked through some slits and noticed some people nearby. Some women with whom I had apparently attended high school began marching around my tent and finally marched right through it.

I asked them what they thought of my tent and they told me they liked it very much. They marched on out, but two of them remained. They were Nina Cahan (a Dallas medical doctor whom I dated a few times) and Laura Miller (a former high school classmate). My old high school friend, Steve Buckner, was also in the tent and apparently the three of them were going to stay overnight in the tent with me.

We all lay down. Nina and I were next to each other and Laura was rather close. Steve was farther away. Nina and I began kissing and rolling around together. It appeared we were going to have sex.

Laura was alone, but Steve made no attempt to be with her. She unbuttoned her blouse and commenced to lie on her stomach. I thought of asking Nina if she objected to Laura's joining her and me, but instead of asking Nina, I simply put my hand on Laura's nude breast as she lay down. She shivered and I thought she was going to remove my hand, but she did not and she simply lay down with my hand still on her breast. I began squeezing her breast even as I continued kissing Nina. I felt as if Nina knew what I was doing with Laura.

We moved around until I was lying on top of Nina, and Laura was lying next to us. First I would kiss Nina and then I would bend over and kiss Laura. Finally, our mouths came so close together that the three of us were kissing each other at the same time. It felt extremely erotic.

I noticed that Steve was sitting up and looking out of the tent. Gradually Nina, Laura, and I began taking off our clothes and finally I was completely nude except for my under shorts, pulled down around my ankles.

I began thinking about venereal disease. I did not think Nina would have a venereal disease, but I was not sure about Laura. Nevertheless, I thought I would probably take a chance and have sex with both of them. Of course, if one of them had AIDS, I could catch it and die, but I was so overcome by the passion that I was willing to take the risk. Wondering, however, how I was going to have sex with both of them, I said to myself, "Position is very important in this kind of situation."

Suddenly, Nina said she had to go somewhere (apparently the toilet) and she and Laura rose and walked out. I myself stood, sat down at a table, and began thinking about what I was doing. I did not really want to have sex because I was concerned about catching AIDS, but I thought I would probably do it anyway.

I began looking at a magazine until Nina, now completely dressed, walked back in. Instead of Nina, however, she reminded me of my old friend, Steve Weinstein. He said he wanted to stop what we were doing and he asked if we could talk about something else. He said something like, "I hate going from personal to family to politics."

I began pulling up my shorts as Laura walked back in and I said, "I don't mind. I'm too scared to do anything else anyway."

Weinstein acted as if he were not apprehensive because of AIDS, but he simply wanted to stop for a while.

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