Dream of: 10 October 1986 (4) "Numb All Over"

I was at a restaurant/club which I knew Bonnie frequented. The room was large and had quite a few tables and chairs. After I had sat down at a table, an older man wearing a black suit walked up, sat down at the table, and spoke with me. He was drinking something alcoholic and appeared to be already intoxicated. I did not drink anything alcoholic, but I did talk with him.

The man was thin, had dark hair, and was probably in his mid-50s. I knew he was somehow connected with Bonnie; I thought he might even be her husband. He continued talking, began on the subject of driving while intoxicated, and admitted he had once been arrested for driving while intoxicated a few years earlier. He said in the last month he had been arrested nine times for driving while intoxicated. I thought that was incredible and that it must be costing him much money.

Bonnie walked up, sat down at our table, and we continued talking. Another blond-haired man wearing glasses who looked as if he were about 20 walked in and I learned he was Bonnie's husband. As he walked by my table toward the bar, I thought I heard him ask me to come with him. I had been in the place a couple times before and had seen him both times, although I did not think he had been married to Bonnie before.

I walked over to the bar and stood next to him. He seemed surprised to see me here and I told him I had thought he wanted to talk with me. He said he had not wanted to talk with me, so we just stood here without speaking to each other. I thought of asking, "So how's married life?" but thought that probably would not be a good idea.

In my hand I had some wadded-up money, a couple of tens and a one.

No one seemed friendly toward me and I began thinking perhaps I should have never come into the bar. Finally, Bonnie walked over to the bar; but she was not friendly toward me either. She did not even look like Bonnie and seemed different. She also seemed as if she might be bitter toward me about something.

I had my wedding ring with me, but I thought it was actually Bonnie's wedding ring. I wanted to keep the ring. Bonnie acted quite bitter and said I could just have it. I was glad because I wanted to keep it forever.

She became quite nasty and said I had once pushed her out of the house. Her husband stepped up and said, "If I would have been there, I would have smashed his face."

He made a quick motion with his left elbow as if to hit me in the face, but he did not hit me. He had been wearing a suit and tie when he had walked in, but now he was wearing what appeared to be a black karate uniform.

He backed away and a rather overweight woman stepped up; she was apparently involved with real estate. Apparently, when I had been here once before I had made a comment about the woman's weight. Bonnie had apparently told the woman and now the woman was also angry with me.

Several other nearby people also appeared to be grumbling about me. It was time for me to leave; I walked to the other side of the room to retrieve my coat from where I had left it. The whole group followed me; they seemed to be threatening me. I just wanted to leave; I picked up my coat and began walking away.

A short, thin fellow (probably in his early 20s) followed me. He looked Hispanic, was well-dressed, and was wearing a beige trench coat. He apparently could tell I was feeling bad about the whole situation. He seemed to want to console me, and he put his arms around me. I pushed him away and said, "Oh man, you don't even know me."

Suddenly, I felt a discomfort in my back around my right shoulder. I reached my hand around and discovered sticking in my back a needle to which was attached a vial, apparently containing a drug: the fellow had injected me with a drug. I wanted to scream for help, but I was unsure whether anyone here would help me. I tried to pull the needle out, but the drug was already affecting me; I began to feel numb all over. I began falling to the ground.

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