Dream of: 10 October 1986 (2) "Chalka Pult"

While I was visiting a family at their house, the circumstances made me think I might be dreaming and I decided to perform a test to see whether I was actually dreaming. Although I knew the people in the family, I didn't know them well. I decided if I asked the family questions about things I didn't know, and then I retained the answers to questions when I awoke, it would prove I had obtained the information in the dream.

I began questioning a girl (about 15 years old) who gave me quite a bit of information and I began to wonder whether I was going to be able to remember everything. Among her answers she mentioned a girl whose last name was "Lancaster." I thought I would be able to remember that name because I would think of the city I knew named Lancaster.

I gathered more information from a couple other people and finally spoke with the mother (about 40 years old) who reminded me of someone I had seen before. I asked her to give me some information about people she knew. I learned she had started dating a man named Doug, but I had already known that. She told me that he was getting ready to divorce his wife for mental cruelty and that her name was "Chalka Pult."

I thought I would be able to remember the name Chalka Pult because I thought of the German word "Pult" which meant desk and then I thought of a piece of chalk on a desk.

I explained to everyone what I was doing and how interesting it was going to be when I awoke to talk to them to see if the information was actually correct and if I had been communicating with them in my dreams.

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