Dream of: 07 October 1986 (4) "Diagnosed Cancer"

I was doing some work in either a grade school or high school where some of the students appeared to be juvenile delinquents. A test was being administered to the students to determine whether any of them had cancer and I was responsible for taking the students down to a room where they were given some kind of injection. If the skin swelled up at the site of the injection and pus came out of it, it was a sign that they had cancer. It would then be determined whether an operation should be performed to remove the cancer.

One day I took the test myself and was given a shot in my left leg in the same place where I once was injured when a knife stuck in my leg. I didn't receive any results back that day. The next day, as I was taking a tall black boy (about 16 years old) to the test room, I noticed that my left leg was giving me tremendous pain and that I could hardly walk on it. I looked at my leg and saw a red circle where I had received the shot. The circle was divided into four parts and in the middle of the circle was another circle. Each of the four parts as well as the circle in the middle was a different color. The entire area appeared to be quite swollen.

I put my hand on the shoulder of a fellow walking in front of me so he could help me along. We finally reached the test room and I was so sore I had to sit on the floor. I noticed my first cousin Jimmy in there and I waived to him. A black woman doctor walked up, looked at my leg and pressed the middle of the sore. A cream-colored pus spurted out. She got some pus on her fingers and then smeared it onto something which she handed to another woman who put it into a machine. The second woman then whispered something into the ear of the first woman doctor who then said to me, "Your cancer is deep within the infected area. I'll have to do some more tests to determine whether or not we can remove it surgically."

I said, "You mean with that you can definitely tell I have cancer?"

I was curious as to what kind of cancer I had, bone cancer or some other kind. I was in so much pain at that point I didn't care what they had to do (including cutting off my legs) just so I could stop the pain.

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