Dream of: 07 October 1986 (2) "Garbage Pictures"

My step-grandfather Clarence, my grandmother Mabel and I were standing on the back porch of the Gallia County Farmhouse. We all got into a car which Clarence was driving. They both got into the front seat and I was going to get into the back seat; but then I saw that there was room up front so I got in the front seat with them.

We pulled out and drove along until we came to a town. I needed to mail some letters and we stopped at a post box. I got out and dropped my letters into the mail box; but the box didn't shut all the way when I was finished. I thought maybe someone had stuck some tin cans into the box and the cans were clogging up the box. I reached into the mail box and started pulling the cans out and noticed that someone had also stuffed some black carbon paper in the box. It looked as if it was just garbage.

Some pictures of nude women had been torn from a pornographic magazine and thrown into the mail box. I decided I would like to take some of the pictures with me, leaned over so Clarence and Mabel couldn't see what I was doing and put some of the pictures into my inside coat pocket. Finally I found the pornographic magazine itself (about half of which was left), folded it and likewise stuck it into my pocket.

I returned to the car and climbed into the front seat although I really wanted to get into the back seat where I could look at the pictures without being seen. One reason I didn't get into the back seat was because Clarence's and Mabel's dog, Mike, was back there.

The car pulled out and we rode along. I was confident that no one knew I had the pictures.

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