Dream of: 07 October 1986 "Magazine Article"

While in Portsmouth, Ohio, working on some kind of article for a magazine about a Portsmouth college, I fell in love with a woman about my age who worked for the college. I planned to marry her. At the moment the woman was showing me around the college and telling me all about it. As we proceeded I gradually slipped my arms around her and finally began kissing her. Just as I did so, an older woman who also worked for the college walked into the room. We immediately separated but the older woman had obviously seen us. We didn't say anything and continued with our business.

The older woman didn't know the younger woman and I planned to marry. I thought of telling her that things weren't always what they seemed to be, but instead I said nothing.

Two other colleges were also in the town. One was The Ohio State University which was a bit far from where I was. The other college, which I thought was called Ohio University, was very near. The college I was going through was new and was quite small with only about 1,000 students. But I had already decided I was going to highly recommend it. It had a good library which I had used several times instead of traveling to the larger libraries at the other colleges.

I left the school and began walking around. I also wanted to include some other facts about Portsmouth in the article. I walked along Second Street and came across a large white brick building just east of Chillicothe Street. I knew the building had been empty before, but now it was apparently occupied. It appeared that someone had some kind of second-hand store in the building.

I noticed behind the building what appeared to be some kind of very tiny church which apparently belonged to the owners of the building. It was in good shape, painted white and had what appeared to be a small steeple on it. But I couldn't ascertain what the building was even though I knew several other little buildings like it were around Portsmouth. It looked as if it might be a place where people went to pray. I thought I would like to go inside and see what was there and perhaps even include a picture of it in my article.

I also noticed that on a wall of another building next to the little one were standing several statues. One was of a boy lying down playing a pan pipe. Another one appeared to be of someone playing a flute. I thought I might also write in the book about the number of statues around Portsmouth. Many more statues were in the town than people realized.

I continued walking until I came across a group of men who appeared to be construction workers sitting down taking a break. They were waiting to get back to work and one said they needed to start working again soon because some men here didn't drink whiskey and therefore had nothing to do in the meantime. I walked up and said, "Who is it here who doesn't drink whiskey?"

They all pointed to a young fellow (18-19 years old). I walked over to him, held out my hand and said, "Join the club."

I wanted him to know that I also didn't drink whiskey. He grasped my hand and we shook.

The men got into a car and I joined them. The driver (probably in his early 40s) was muscular and almost bald. I was told that his name was "Noam Chamis." There seemed to be three rows of seats in the car instead of two. I was in the middle seat with three other men and I was sitting second from the left. Three men were sitting in the front seat and another seat was behind me.

When the driver began going fast and steering recklessly, I wanted to get out of the car. As we rode down a street, I asked the driver if he would stop and let me out, but he refused. We finally came to a place where a wire fence had been stretched across the road. The driver drove right through the fence, through a grassy spot, through another wire fence and back onto where the road picked up again. Some wires snapped into the car and I was afraid they might hurt someone inside.

Finally he drove down by the Ohio River (just east of the U.S. Grant bridge which crosses from Portsmouth to Kentucky) and drove amongst some trees on top of the levy which runs along the river. The driver parked the car sideways on the levy and it suddenly occurred to me that he planned to roll the car sideways down the levy on the side opposite the river.

The driver suddenly threw open his door and jumped out; the car began rolling over. The door on my seat was also open. I positioned myself so I slipped out the door and the car rolled over top of me without injuring me. I watched the car continue rolling down the hill still carrying some of the young men inside. One body was lying on the side of the hill where the car had rolled. Perhaps that fellow had been crushed.

I wanted to escape from the driver as quickly as possible. I ran over top the levy in the direction of the river where I saw a several boats next to the shore. They actually looked like large house trailers floating on the water. Even though I thought the water was probably cold, I jumped in and swam toward the trailers. I reached one and while I was still in the water, I began knocking on a double window on the side of the trailer. I could see a family of about four people sitting around a table inside. One person was a small blonde-haired girl (probably 6-7 years old).

I began rocking the trailer. The people (who seemed apprehensive) didn't come to where I was, but walked over to the other side of the trailer. I began hollering, "Help! Help! Call the police!"

I swam on around the boat and suddenly felt something stab into the heel of my left foot. It felt like a mousetrap at first. But I thought it might be a broken pop bottle. I reached down and pulled a wide sliver of sharp metal out of my foot. I thought, "Well there's probably blood in the water now."

I hollered again, "Help! Help! Someone come in with me! But call the police first!"

Finally I climbed onto a nearby bank still wanting the people in the boat to help me find out if anyone had been injured by the car rolling down the levy.

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