Dream of: 02 October 1986 (2) "Prize Money"

I was living in a house in Portsmouth where my sister and her son, my nephew David, were also living. David and I slept together at night in the same bed. I wasn't used to sleeping with anyone and I wondered if I disturbed him at night. I knew I sometimes ejaculated in my sleep and I specifically wondered if I might be making any kind of movements which would disturb him. I asked David about it and he said he hadn't noticed anything.

I awoke one morning and walked into Tracy Park where I found my mother sitting on a bench looking out over the street on the north side of the park. Another woman was sitting to her right on the bench. A number of people were walking on the street. I commented that almost everyone seemed to be dressed up in a Christmas costume. They were also carrying packages which they had purchased downtown. I reflected that a lot of starving Africans could be saved if the people would use their money for them instead of spending it on Christmas junk. I thought about how my mother liked Christmas and how that I ignored it. She would probably like it if I would get dressed up in some kind of Christmas costume and buy some Christmas junk.

I noticed someone on the corner of the other side of the street with some balloons. Suddenly the person let the balloons go and they began floating skyward. I thought it would have been better if the person had waited till Christmas night and joined other people in letting all their balloons float up together.

My sister and David showed up. We all left the park and went to a small building where David took part in a contest which he won. As prize he apparently was going to receive title to a house although the papers weren't yet ready. He had also won $10,000.

I spoke to the people who conducted the contest. I told them I would be representing my sister, who was David's mother, to be sure David received his prize money.

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