Dream of: 02 October 1986 "Enervating"

One night while I was standing in front of a disco next door to where I was living, a blonde girl (probably in her early 20s) walked up to me. She drew close and I soon put my arm around her shoulder. Obviously she had been drinking alcohol and was quite intoxicated. She was extremely pretty and was wearing a black bottom and a red top. I was wearing a pair of pants, a shirt, black tennis shoes and a non-leather belt.

As we looked at each other, it seemed to me that I had met her somewhere before, although I didn't actually think I had. I liked her company and finally we walked into the large dance hall as we talked to each other. I had stuck my head in the place once before, had seen a crowd of people dancing and I hadn't stayed. This time when we entered, no one was dancing on the large dance floor even though a band was playing. It seemed everyone was waiting for someone else to begin dancing.

I kidded the girl that she would have to go out onto the dance floor by herself and begin dancing in front of all the men who were there. Many men were wearing cowboy hats and I likewise had on a cowboy hat.

We walked to one end of the dance floor and sat down. I wondered what I should talk about with the girl and whether I should mention that I was a lawyer. I decided I didn't want to mention that fact. I thought, "How am I going to talk to her? And how will she know anything about me?"

I thought about telling her that although I had lived next door to the dance hall for three months I had only looked inside once before and I hadn't stayed. I thought perhaps I would try to use long words when I talked with her. The word "enervating" crossed my mind.

The band finished the song and I told the girl she and I were going to dance the next dance together. When the band began playing again, however, I backed out because I didn't want to dance in front of all the other people. Finally, another couple walked onto the floor and began dancing. We followed suit.

The music was fast. At first I felt somewhat self-conscious because I was only wearing tennis shoes, but gradually I began to come alive. I thought I was doing an extremely good job dancing and I felt almost intoxicated. I enjoyed what I was doing but I thought I might actually be intoxicated and that it might only seem as if I were dancing well when I actually wasn't.

When the girl somehow became separated from me on the dance floor, I continued dancing around the floor looking for her. Finally, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder and it turned out to be she. I stopped and we walked off the dance floor together. I had the feeling she was enjoying my company and that she wanted to talk with me.

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