Dream of: 29 September 1986 (5) "Riniming Christ"

I was in the process of writing a story about a man and an oriental woman who had been lovers but had separated for some reason. The man told the woman he was going to be by the river that night at a certain time. He knew the woman would probably go to the river and kill him and he thought it would be in the nature of a mercy killing. He prepared to go to the river and in the meantime the woman began preparing a device like a gun.

She completely made it herself from a little box which had a barrel coming out of it. She could put gunpowder in the box, press a button on top and it would fire.

That night she went to the river where she first wanted to practice firing the gun. But she heard something behind her, turned around and saw the man walking toward her. He had some kind of large metal cage which he was holding over his head. He was thinking of committing suicide and was going to go into the river with the cage on his head.

The woman knew the man wanted to commit suicide, but she had decided it would be better for her to kill him rather than for him to commit suicide. She was going to shoot him but she couldn't seem to bring herself to do it.

As I came to this part of the story I didn't know how to end the story. I was uncertain whether I should have the woman shoot the man or devise some other ending.

The dilemma now was that she apparently was unable to kill the man. And it looked doubtful that the man would be able to commit suicide. The river was so cold he would probably not be able to stand it if he tried to walk into it and he would have to walk back out.

The woman wasn't going to be able to return to where she had been if she didn't shoot the man. I thought of having an ending where both people simply disappeared and no one would know where they had gone.

If I developed an ending where both people simply disappeared, I thought about having her leave a sign on a wall written in large black letters which would say, "HE IS RINIMING CHRIST."

The word "riniming" seemed to me like it was a combination of the words "renaming" and "redeeming."

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