Dream of: 29 September 1986 (3) "Vector Analysis"

I walked into a classroom at Shawnee State College and picked up a book which contained some pictures of women in a delivery room having babies. One black woman (probably in her early 20s) was lying on a table with her knees bent and her feet on the table. But her back was raised off the table. She was on the verge of giving birth and was completely nude.

Another picture showed a second black woman lying on a table with a towel draped across her stomach. She likewise was about to have a baby. It seemed to me that women in delivery rooms were generally nude except for a towel over them.

The room I was in was a chemistry classroom. I hadn't taken any chemistry classes but was thinking about taking one. I was even considering enrolling in college and studying to become a doctor. But I thought I was quite old to do such a thing. I looked at the other people in the room and saw how much younger than I they were. They looked like they were teenagers. I was probably too old to be accepted in medical school. It might help to show that I was a lawyer, but I still doubted I would be able to go.

Finally, the teacher came in and class began. The students were conducting experiments in which long glass tubes were used. I watched for about 15 minutes and finally left.

Walking around in the fairly crowded halls I noticed a couple girls (each about 20 years old). I thought I caught them looking at me and I walked in their direction for a short ways. We walked up some stairs close to each other. I thought it would probably be inappropriate for me to approach them since I was a total stranger.

I walked away from them into a lounge area toward a large window. As I stood looking out the window a thin fellow about my age walked up next to me. I had recently met the fellow and admired him. He seemed strong and full of energy. I enjoyed his company. However he was slightly depressed at the moment. The vista outside the window was quite inspiring to me but not to him.

Outside the sun was just beginning to rise. The scene inspired me because it made me appreciate life itself. But my companion couldn't see that. As the sun grew larger, a panoramic scene unfolded before us. Large, ice-capped mountains loomed in front of our eyes. Some trees were right in front of us. It was autumn and the leaves were changing. One tree in particular—which seemed to be a tulip tree—had blazing yellow leaves.

I pointed the tree out to my companion and told him to look at the yellow of the leaves. It was one of the brightest yellow colors I had ever seen. I talked about how life was just beginning for us and how we needed to appreciate it. I felt he was beginning to understand what I was saying.

Suddenly, he suggested that he and I go running on a hill in Portsmouth. I agreed and we both took off running. We were both wearing heavy brogan boots. I was glad of that because I wanted to run with the heavy boots on. So did my friend. We hadn't run far before we encountered Anderson. We asked him to accompany us.

Anderson joined us and the three of us ran to the hill we were looking for. We anticipated the hill would be covered with trees whose leaves would be changing colors. We ran up the hill and I took the lead. Finally, the hill became so steep we slowed down to a walk. I led us along the sidewalk and spoke with Anderson.

I wondered what Anderson thought about my being with the new fellow since Anderson had probably never seen him before. I wondered if he realized the fellow and I were becoming good friends.

I began thinking about algebraic equations. The example of (x+17) (x-19) ran through my mind. I was also thinking of vector analysis. I knew the equations I was considering didn't actually deal with vector analysis but was curious as to exactly what vector analysis was.

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