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Dream of: 29 September 1986 "The Facts Of Life"

I wanted to rent an apartment near a college which I planned to attend. I walked around for a while and finally knocked on the door of a house. A woman came to the door, we talked and she asked me some questions about myself. Finally, she rented me an apartment.

The apartment was on the second floor of a large house. Apparently, four girls were staying in an apartment across the hall from mine. I left a few things of mine at the house and then departed.

I didn't return to the apartment for several months. In the meantime I had decided not to take the apartment. One day my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel drove me back to the house in their blue Cadillac so I could pick up the things I had left there. We pulled up into a parking lot and I asked Clarence and Mabel to wait a few minutes in the car while I went up to gather together my things.

I walked up to the apartment—it was the first time I had actually seen it. It was old fashioned but still quite nice. I liked it. It was also economical. It was well-furnished. An air conditioning unit was right over top the bed. The four girls were in my apartment removing some things they had stored there. They reminded me of the four teenagers in the television series "The Facts of Life." I talked with them and they seemed very nice. I liked them and I was disappointed I hadn't stayed in the apartment and become acquainted with them. I hoped that when I looked for another apartment I would be able to find accommodations near nice people like the girls.

They were packing their things and were preparing to leave.

They were preparing to go to a different—a higher—college. Three of them were going to exclusive colleges. One girl said she was going to go to Princeton. The fourth girl however didn't yet know where she was going. No one pressed the issue with her and I had the feeling she hadn't yet been accepted anywhere. I felt sorry for her and I tried to comfort her somewhat.

I began looking for the things I had left here but I couldn't find them. I did find a couple pair of blue jeans, but they were ripped up and weren't really any good anymore. Actually, I couldn't remember exactly what I had brought up there. But apparently I had managed quite well without the stuff and I probably didn't even need it anyway.

I began looking through some drawers of a chest. I came across an old fashioned shaving set which contained several different brushes. They looked as if were made of white ivory and they had intricate carvings in them. I pulled them out, showed them to someone and commented about how nice they were. I thought I could easily steal them if I wanted, but I didn't want to steal anything.

I came across some other things in the room and thought they must be things that previous tenants had left behind when they had moved out.

Suddenly, the door opened and Davis (a former law school classmate) walked in. He paid no attention to me, but walked over to one of the girls sitting on the bed and asked her if she wanted to smoke some "tripping weed." She said she did. Davis didn't ask me; I knew anyway that I definitely didn't want to smoke any. The thought of smoking marijuana was only slightly tempting to me.

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