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Dream of: 26 September 1986 "A Piercing Scream"

While in what seemed to be an office building I saw a man (about 30 years old) whom I knew to be a lawyer, walking down a corridor. A woman (about the same age) was with him. They were both wearing heavy coats and appeared to be fairly overweight. Their obesity was especially apparent in the excess fat under their chins.

Part of the building had a restaurant which was closed at the moment. However the man and women were able to enter the restaurant and I watched them through a window. The man walked over to a pop machine—the kind where the bottles are standing upright—and proceeded to open two bottles with a can opener. I thought he was simply going to take the pop without paying for it. I heard him tell the woman that one of the bottles he had opened (which seemed to be a Dr. Pepper) was empty. The woman pulled out the bottle, saw that it was indeed empty and put it back. The man took out the second bottle and put some money into the machine for that bottle. They left.

I walked into another room where a meeting was going to take place. I sat down on a couch and some other lawyers began coming in. A woman lawyer began commenting about how long my hair was. She thought it looked good for a lawyer to have long hair. I could see myself in a mirror and indeed my hair was quite long in back. However on the sides my hair only came down to mid-ear and didn't look that long. I liked having long hair and being a lawyer at the same time.

As the room filled up, some people began talking about an important event that had taken place that day. I felt jovial and began joking with the people trying to find out what had happened. It had something to do with Martin Luther King's son. He had either died, or been arrested or something. I told them I wasn't interested in stuff like that. But one black fellow was sitting nearby who seemed to think it was very important. He said something about three branches of the military being out of control at the moment. I didn't say anything to him. I wondered if he were trying to intimate that blacks could somehow take over the country.

I sat down between two people, picked up a magazine and began looking at it. Finally, I finished with it and handed it to the fellow on my right. I next wanted to write down some of the things occurring here. I thought it had something to do with dreaming. I pulled out a piece of white paper, but I needed something to put under the paper. I asked for the magazine back so I could use it under my paper to write on. When I began writing, the fellow on my right repeated some things which had been said to help me remember. But I really didn't need his help.

Finally, we got ready to watch some kind of educational movie about to be shown on a screen directly in front of us. Suddenly, on the screen appeared a gigantic black funnel cloud racing over the land. I mentioned that that indeed would attract my attention if it were happening.

The funnel cloud drew closer and closer. The size of it was almost mesmerizing. The person, who was black, who had photographed the funnel cloud had been in a car and the steering wheel of the car could be seen. The car was headed in the direction of the funnel cloud and the cloud loomed larger and larger. Finally, the car was right next to the cloud. On the right of the car was a steep bank. The car was unable to go around the cloud and suddenly a piercing scream was heard. The scene ended.

I said, "It would have been better if he would have taken off and run away from it rather than towards it."

A commentator came on and said the same thing. The fellow had made a mistake by going toward the funnel cloud rather than away from it. Some scenes of the extensive destruction were then shown.

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