Dream of: 25 September 1986 (3) "Man With Horns"

I was sitting in the living room of my mother's home. My father walked into the room, lay down on the couch and went to sleep.

I turned on the television and a program came on which showed a scene on a beach where people were sitting around in bathing suits in the sun. The camera focused in on a woman sitting under a beach umbrella in the distance and began moving closer to her. From afar she seemed to be wearing a bikini bottom and to be nude from the waist up. As the camera neared her, it became clear that indeed her breasts were uncovered. I thought that was certainly bold for network television. The woman was probably about 40 years old but had a shapely figure and well-formed breasts.

The camera drew closer and closer to her and then shifted to a girl behind her (about 20 years old) who had an excellent body. She was attractive, had large breasts and was likewise nude from the waist up.

The camera focused on a fellow floating on a type of inflatable chair under an umbrella in the ocean. A woman who was apparently his secretary was with him. He seemed to be relaxing and said something about it just being his luck to have the country's most efficient secretary with him. The woman had equipped the chair with a number of contraptions for his convenience so he would be able to operate smoothly in the ocean.

The camera then focused on a dead body floating in the water nearby. The secretary saw it and screamed to the man that a body was nearby. He saw it and prepared to swim to it. Suddenly, a gigantic wave broke near them and the man hollered to the secretary, "Watch out for that wave!"

The wave engulfed them and I switched the channel.

I found a show which showed three oriental-looking women (in their mid 20s) standing on a stage onto which walked a white man who apparently was going to pick one of the two women on each end for a date. The woman in the middle was the hostess of the show.

The man looked the women over and began asking them questions. As the show proceeded, it seemed I myself was actually talking to the hostess and was going to pick one of the women for a date. The woman on my left was number one and the woman on my right was number two.

The woman in the middle told the other two to close their eyes and they did. Then, only by gestures, she asked me to hold up one or two fingers to indicate which woman I wanted to have a date with. I indicated which one I wanted, the women opened their eyes and the hostess said I would have a date with the one I had indicated.

A second set of three women (all of which were black) was brought in and we went through the same procedure. Finally, the two women on the ends were told to close their eyes. But I could not remember which one was number one and which one was number two. The woman in the middle indicated to me that this time the woman on my right was number one and the woman on the left was number two.

I held the index finger and thumb of my right hand together to form a circle and pointed to the woman in the middle as if to indicate that she was number zero.

The woman in the middle and I communicated only by gestures and did not speak to each other. I was surprised by how well it worked. For example when I hadn't known which woman was number one and which woman was number two, I had simply shrugged my shoulders and put a puzzled looked on my face. The woman in the middle had then pointed to the women and indicated with her fingers which one was one and two.

I was uncertain which one to pick. One of the questions I had asked them was whether they had ever been on an interracial date before. I thought it was odd that the show was having a white man pick a black woman to go on a date with but I did not really mind.

The woman on the right had some kind of cloth on her head. She had extremely beautiful eyes. When she closed her eyes the cloth slipped from her head and I saw that she had beautiful, black hair. Finally, I decided to pick her and held up one finger to signify number one. The women opened their eyes and I began changing channels again.

As I did so I hit some kind of little button on the channel changer that was marked with an "A" and a "B." Now when I changed the channel the screen stayed the same. Finally, I flipped the button and managed to reach another station. A baseball game came on the screen. It was rather loud and I was afraid it would wake up my father. I didn't want to watch it but knew if he saw it he would want to see it. But it was too late, he had awakened, seen the baseball game and said he wanted to see it.

I left the baseball game on and sat back down on the floor and began going through a box of pictures which I used for collages. One of the pictures showed some people on a baseball field tearing up the area between the bases to put down some kind of new synthetic material.

I knew that somewhere in the batch were pictures of the women I had won dates with on the dating program and wanted to find those pictures first.

Many pictures had already been cut out in contour. One picture showed a man standing in profile. He had streaks of many different colors running through him, had horns and had one arm stretched in front of him with his index finger pointed upward. I remembered having cut that picture out before and was surprised to find it here among the other pictures. Many other pictures were also here which had already been cut out in contour.

My father asked me if I thought it was hot there. I said, "Yea it is kind of hot in here."

He asked me if I wanted to go eat with him. I thought why not and told him I would. He got up to get ready to go.

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