Dream of: 25 September 1986 "Loaning Money"

I was in France and had met a woman (probably in her mid 20s) there who reminded me of Rosa Volpe (an Italian woman I met in Dallas). We had begun seeing quite a bit of each other. She was working but was having some financial problems paying all her bills. I had already loaned her $20 which she hadn't repaid me.

We met one day in a restaurant, talked for a while and then she left. After she walked out I saw through the window that she was trying to get away from some fellow accosting her on the street. I walked out of the restaurant toward them and the fellow left.

The woman and I walked back into the restaurant and I wanted to know why the fellow had been bothering her. We left the restaurant and she began telling me about the fellow. We went to my apartment and sat down. We had only been here a short while when another fellow who lived in the apartment building walked through the open door into my apartment. I didn't want him in here; I immediately stood up and walked over to him. He picked up a book lying on the couch and said it was his. I had previously found the book somewhere in the apartment building. I said, "Fine."

I escorted him to the door and he left. I shut the door, returned to the woman and told her I didn't like people coming in here like that. She continued telling me about the fellow who had accosted her. Apparently he was her landlord. He wanted her to immediately pay the rent or he was going to evict her. She also had car payments and a couple other payments which she was having difficulty making. She wanted to know if I would loan her some money.

I only had a couple thousand dollars. I thought she had somehow gotten the idea that I was a rich American lawyer. I needed to disembarrass her of that notion. I didn't have much money and I was going to need all I had just for myself, but I thought if it were really necessary I might be able to loan her $200. I was concerned about her paying it back and I asked her how much money she made a week. She thought for quite a long time and finally said, "Two hundred dollars."

I pulled out a pencil and paper and began adding up her monthly bills. The total was around $1,200. I wanted to point out to her that she wasn't even making enough money to make her monthly payments.

I considered the possibility of our moving in together so she could save some money, but I realized we had never even had sex and I was unsure I wanted to have sex with her. It might not be a good idea to move in with her. I began thinking it would be a bad idea to loan her the money, especially since I had already loaned her some money and she hadn't paid it back. Finally I made a decision and said, "I'm not going to be able to loan you any money."

She was downcast when I told her that and I thought she might be angry, but I was uncertain I wanted to continue seeing the woman anyway. If she was going to take a resentful attitude, it would probably be better to end the relationship here and now.

She wanted to know why. I was hesitant to tell her but she persisted. I explained to her that it would be bad: something might happen so that she would be unable to pay it back. I would be worried and it would simply not be a good situation.

I told her, however, that I might be able to help her in other ways. I said, "One thing you need to do is find out if they can evict you like that. I might be able to do some legal research for you to see how we can prevent them from immediately evicting you."

I told her, secondly, that if she couldn't make her car payments she might need to hide her car for a little while so it wouldn't be repossessed.

She seemed to be accepting the fact that I wasn't going to loan her money to bail her out of her difficulties.

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