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Dream of: 24 September 1986 "Writing Freely"

A group of Russian writers who hadn't been able to write freely while living in the Soviet Union discovered a method of smuggling their writings out of the Soviet Union by incorporating their writings into paintings. Certain lines and their junctures in the paintings had special significance which could be interpreted. Most paintings were of people and according to the contour lines the writings could be deciphered. For example some paintings were of people lying down and the contour of the body could be interpreted in certain ways. The paintings were sent from the Soviet Union and people outside the country would reconstruct the writings.

There was a depressed feeling among the Russian writers. However they still nourished an undying hope that their writings would be published once they had been sent out of the Soviet Union.

One Russian writer was actually able to leave the Soviet Union himself and he reached a free country. However he still continued to incorporate his writings in paintings because he hadn't yet adjusted to the fact that he now had his freedom and could freely and openly write without having to go through the contortions of putting his writings in paintings. Finally, it was beginning to dawn on him that he could now write freely. He was beginning to experience an heretofore unknown exhilaration as he developed his natural writing ability.

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