Dream of: 22 September 1986 "Earth Tremor"

I had gone to a sparsely occupied movie theater and sat down in a seat about ten rows from the front. Then I slid over top of the seat in front of me into another seat. A fellow was sitting about three or four seats to my right. Several people were sitting in seats a few rows ahead of me.

The movie came on and a face appeared on the screen which reminded me of a fellow who had been in some of my classes at Baylor Law School. I noticed that the same fellow whose image was on the screen was also sitting in a seat in a row in front of me. He was turned around looking at me and his eyes looked exactly like the eyes on the screen except they were much smaller. His hair was rather long in front, but short in back.

Some other people near him all had short hair. I thought about how long my hair had grown and how different it felt to have long hair.

Finally, I stood, walked back a couple of rows and found my old girlfriend Birdie sitting there. I asked her if she would like to come up and sit beside me. She did.

When we sat back down it seemed more as if we were in a cafeteria on the first floor of a school. Quite a few other people were in the cafeteria. Food was being served. I saw some stands where buns and barbecue was being served, but I didn't want any meat. On another stand I saw some macaroni and green beans. Birdie asked me if I had been eating my green beans lately and I told her I hadn't. She thought I needed to start eating green beans again.

Birdie seemed very faithful to me. I mentioned to her that she was the only one who hadn't abandoned me.

Suddenly, the room moved slightly and sank a bit. Birdie and I looked at each other and realized a small earth tremor had occurred. Other people in the room had also felt it, but we thought it would pass. Suddenly, however another tremor occurred. I said to Birdie, "Let's go over to these windows."

We both stood and walked over to some windows. I wanted to be close to them so we could jump out if something happened. As we stood close to the window, I could tell the building was beginning to sink. Right before our eyes the building sank down so the ground rose about half way up the window. Birdie and I ran to an emergency exit, but the building had already sunk down so far we couldn't get out.

Some bells began ringing and people began screaming. People began trying to run out of the room and reach another level to escape. But Birdie and I stayed in the doorway to the emergency exit. She was able to slip past a piece of glass, but still couldn't reach the outside. She handed me something which looked like a fire extinguisher with a hose so I could use it to break out the window of the emergency exit.

I began pounding the window, but it seemed to be made of plexi-glass and it didn't want to break. Finally, however I was able to smash the window. I looked back into the cafeteria to see if anyone else was still there and I hollered, "Is anybody left?

Everyone had already gone out another way. Birdie and I crawled through the window and came out into a large field where people were lining up. Some women were even lying down. I noticed Sharon (a Dallas acquaintance) lying down in the field with a group of women. I felt much safer in the field.

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