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Dream of: 21 September 1986 "Faux Pas"

I awoke in an upper story apartment in Quebec City. I was supposed to have moved out of the apartment on the tenth of the month, but I had forgotten to leave and it was presently the thirteenth, about 5 o'clock in the morning. I had spent the weekend here. I knew I needed to begin preparing to leave and I rose from bed.

I had already packed all my larger possessions and only had a few personal possessions left. I had a couple clear plastic boxes in which I began packing my things.

I heard someone out in the hall, walked outside and found a woman (about 25 years old) there who worked for the landlord. I thought she had come up to see if I had vacated the apartment yet, but she was actually engaged in doing something else on that floor. I walked over to her and spoke to her in French. She answered and began speaking very clear English.

She told me she had a problem with her retinas which caused her to urinate a lot. I wasn't sure what she meant, but I thought she meant to say kidneys instead of retinas. I said, "Well in the first place they're not retinas. Retinas are in your eyes."

I pointed to her eyes and tried to explain what retinas were. I suggested perhaps she was actually referring to her kidneys. I thought the French word for kidney was either "red" or "rein" but I wasn't sure. I thought because the first two letters were the same she had gotten the word mixed up with the English word "retina," but she said it wasn't the kidney she was talking about.

She was slender and about three centimeters shorter than I. She had long brown hair and was wearing a skirt slit up the side of her leg all the way to the waist. I was attracted to her. I walked up to her, pulled the skirt back and said, "Let me take a look here."

I didn't usually approach someone like that, but I thought I would just try it once to see what would happen. She suddenly jerked her skirt back and appeared to be extremely offended. I had obviously committed a faux pas. I backed away from her. She acted as if I had tried to attack her. I said, "I'm sorry, I won't do it again."

She backed away from me and began running down the stairs. I didn't know what she was going to do. I feared she was going to tell someone I had attacked her, when I knew I hadn't. However I still felt guilty for having done what I had done. I thought, "Well I might as well go back into my room."

I had locked the door when I had come out. I pulled out a key which I thought opened the door. It was bent on the end but I stuck it in the lock anyway. To my chagrin it broke off inside the lock. Fortunately I was able to pull the small broken piece out of the lock. I stuck the rest of the key in the lock and tried to turn it, but it didn't move. I thought I must not have the right key and I began going through my other keys trying to find the right one. I hoped I hadn't broken the correct key and would now not be able to get in. Of all times I certainly didn't want to have to go to the landlord now and ask for help.

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