Dream of: 20 September 1986 "Trapped In The Attic"

Kim Leitel (a friend whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977) and I were in the attic of the Gay Street House. Somebody was trying injure us; perhaps they intended to set the House afire and trap us up there. I wanted to go downstairs to find someone to help us—my father was below—but Kim did not want me to leave. For some reason, she was also afraid of women and she did not want any women to bother her.

A forbidding-looking instrument made of silver metal was lying in the attic. It looked somewhat like a pair of scissors, but instead of having cutting edges, it simply had long slender rods—probably 40 centimeters in length—which came to a pointed end. I was afraid Kim was going to grab the instrument and try to hurt me with it.

I slipped past Kim, ran down the stairs (past some boxes sitting in the stairway leaving room enough for only one person to pass) and I escaped.

Downstairs I found my father. I told him about Kim's being upstairs and told him not to go up there because she had the long sharp instrument. He paid no attention to me, however, and went up anyway. He soon descended again and brought Kim with him.

I talked to her and tried to show her we were now safe and had nothing to fear, but she was still upset and now she did not trust me because I had left her upstairs. She seemed agitated, nervous, and upset. I continued trying to talk to her, trying to help her. I was still a bit afraid of her, but I did not think anything was nearby which she could use to hurt me.

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