Dream of: 13 September 1986 "Baby Pan"

I was traveling around in India with what appeared to be a group of law students. We were all in a lounge area of a large building. Some other people began coming into the lounge and I got up for a few minutes from the couch were I had been sitting. When I returned to my place, a woman had partially taken my seat and I had to sit next to her.

The woman had a little baby and was talking with two men who were with her. I overheard the conversation. She was married to one of the men and they were trying to adopt the baby. The other man was their friend. After listening to them for a while I finally decided to address them. I turned to them and said, "Are you trying to adopt the baby?"

All of them were probably in their early 30s. They were friendly and began talking with me. They told me they had found the baby. I asked, "Where did you find it?"

They said they had just found it out on the street. All of them were Americans although at times when I looked at them I thought they might even be part Indian themselves. Yet at other times they appeared to be completely American. I couldn't really tell.

They said they wanted to take the baby back to the United States with them. I thought that sounded like a worthwhile endeavor. They began talking about their difficulties. For one thing they couldn't obtain the necessary papers. I asked the woman how long she had been here. She said they had been here since last fall—over four months. I said, "Well you could always say the baby was yours."

I reflected that perhaps I shouldn't be advising them to lie like that. Actually, I wasn't giving them advice—I was merely offering suggestions.

The man who was the friend spoke up and said he was a lawyer. That interested me, but I didn't say anything about my being a lawyer. He was wearing large, thick, brown-framed glasses.

I finally stood up and said, "You need to find an Indian lawyer to help you."

They said they did have a lawyer helping them although he wasn't here at the moment.

A little boy walked up to me and asked me if I would call him "Baby Pan." I was unsure who he was or how he was connected to anything. For some reason I thought he was trying to establish some tie to me. I replied, "I'll call you Baby Pan. I'm not going to say that you're my Baby Pan, but I'll call you that."

I and the group of people I was with weren't going to be able to leave the lounge until 7:30. I looked up at the clock and saw that it was only 7:23, but looking around I saw that everyone in my group had already left. I said, "Where have all the others gone?"

I stood and began preparing to leave. I had taken off my shoes and began looking for them.

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