Dream of: 10 September 1986 "Slaughterhouse"

Someone else and I had gone to visit a slaughterhouse to see what actually happened there. We walked into a room where a pig was hanging from something by its hind feet. The pig had already been partially skinned so its skin was hanging down over its head (its head couldn't be seen). I thought the pig was already dead, but then someone said that the pig was going to be given an injection of some kind of drug. I didn't know what the drug was, but it was administered to the pig and the pig began a terrible painful squeal.

Obviously the pig wasn't dead and must have been in terrific pain with its skin pulled down over its head. Apparently the injection of the drug had caused it more pain, even more pain than having its skin pulled down.

I was simply aghast at what was occurring. Next, a man came in with a little machine and began cutting on the pig. The pig began falling down and turning into what appeared to be a pile of liverwurst. The squealing finally abated, but I wondered if the pig was still feeling pain even as it lay there in piles of liverwurst.

I was thoroughly shaken by what I had seen. My emotions were in an uproar to think that man could be that cruel.

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