Dream of: 09 September 1986 "The Guilt Of Christ"

I was living in an upstairs apartment in Portsmouth, Ohio. I walked downstairs, walked outside and went next door to a McDonalds restaurant. I ordered a pizza and was given a small pepperoni pizza about eight centimeters in diameter. I walked away from the counter and back toward the tables.

There I saw Mike Martin (with whom I first came in contact in 1964 when we started the seventh grade together in Portsmouth) whom I had not seen in many years. I walked over toward him and, even though my pizza was small, I offered him a piece. He took two small pieces and I commented that the whole pizza was only as big as a quarter and each piece was as big as a penny.

I then said, "What are you doing here? I've never seen you here before."

The restaurant was a hangout of mine where I often met several people, but I had never seen Martin there before. He replied, "I just came over to see what was going on."

Martin was wearing a white tee shirt. He looked as if he were about 30 years old but still reminded me of how he had looked when he had been about 16. I thought he was poor and probably couldn't afford to buy a pizza for himself. When he finished what he had eaten, I offered him another piece. A juicy piece with two pieces of pepperoni was right in front of him. At first he refused, but then he took a piece on which my thumb was resting; the piece had only cheese and no pepperoni on it. I said, "You took my thumb rest."

I remembered Martin had dated King in high school. I asked him what ever happened to Debbie King.

I thought after he told me what happened to Debbie I would then ask him about Debi Gillum. Martin said, "She had a spiritual experience. She became convinced that she bore the guilt of Christ."

He went into more detail of Debbie's experience. It sounded rather macabre, yet fascinating, to me. Apparently Martin had not seen her in years. I wanted to find out where she was now.

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