Dream of: 07 September 1986 "Spider-Like Bug"

reality was created by design

While I was in one of the fields on the western part of the Gallia County Farm between the road and Symmes Creek, I decided to shoot some birds with an old, buttless .22 caliber rifle. I opened the barrel and put a shell which looked like a red shotgun shell into the rifle.

I stood on the edge of the creek, saw a bird in a tree, and fired at it. It tumbled to the ground. I fired more shots and killed at least one other bird which also fell to the ground. I did not retrieve the birds as they fell, but I mentally noted where they were and I thought I would pick them up later. I rather dreaded looking at their bodies because I thought I would probably feel guilty about having killed them when I saw them dead.

Each shell I put in the gun could be fired six times. Finally, I tried to shoot and nothing happened—the shell was all used up. When I opened the gun, I thought the empty shell would probably fly out on its own, but it did not. I had to pull it out. I then stuck in another shell and closed the barrel.

While firing, I had noticed that I had sometimes been cocking the gun and that sometimes I had not. The rifle seemed to fire better when I cocked it before firing.

I saw some birds in the trees on the other side of the creek and although I thought they were too far away, I sited in on one anyway. From the silhouette I thought it was probably a dove. I fired. The bird did not move at first and I thought I had missed it, but then it started to fly. When I noticed the bird was flying crookedly, I thought I must have hit it. I felt regretful when I realized the bird looked like a duck because I had not wanted to shoot any ducks. Since I had already winged the bird, I thought I had better try to bring it on down. I sited in on it and fired, but I apparently missed because the bird continued to fly and let down its extremely long legs. Now I thought the bird must be a stork. The more I looked at the bird, the more its legs grew. It looked for a while as if ten long legs might be hanging down. I thought I had made a mistake in having shot that particular bird.

To my surprise, as the bird flew overhead, it began changing colors. Now it did not look like a bird at all, but like a large round sphere of brilliant colors which seemed to be arranged in rainbow-like lines. I continued trying to sight in on the object to shoot it, but it was too high and moving too fast. Plus I began having trouble firing my gun.

I was finally amazed to see the colors on the bird merge together to form a picture in the sky. The bright colors formed into a large rectangular picture. I tried to discern the picture and realized that one of the characters on the picture was Charlie Brown from the comic strip "Peanuts." As the object moved across the sky, the picture continued to change. At one point, I noticed the picture of what appeared to be a baboon.

I was quite intrigued that an animal, such as a bird, could make those kind of designs which seemed to me to defy natural law. I knew that was not the first time that I had experienced the phenomenon. At least twice in the recent past, I had been confronted in dreams with animals being able to make human designs. Those times as well I had marveled over the event and I had thought what I had seen had not seemed to comport with my understanding of nature.

I remembered one time in particular when, in a dream, I had been at the home of my friend, Steve Buckner, and a spider-like bug had created a lamp with some cartoon pictures on it.

The object I was watching in the sky now seemed to flutter and almost seemed transparent. I vaguely wondered if the object might merely be an apparition and not real at all. Finally, the object began loosing its altitude, began approaching the ground on the other side of the creek, and at last it crashed.

Almost at the same time, I heard the sound of an approaching vehicle on the road. Since I did not want anyone to find me here, I thought of jumping into the creek and swimming across it. When I saw a place in the creek where I could step on some rocks and cross, I immediately scrambled across the rocks onto the opposite shore.

To my surprise, the vehicle I had heard was on the side of the creek at which I had arrived. As the jeep approached me, I thought it probably contained a forest ranger.

I walked over to where the object from the sky had crashed. The object had burst into flames when it had hit that ground and it was still burning when I reached it. The ground was charred black in a rectangular area of approximately three by fifteen meters.

The jeep pulled up and two slender, blond-haired fellows in ranger uniforms stepped from it. When one said something about homosexuals being in the area, I thought he might be trying to insult me. I almost said something like, "Oh is that why the two of you are driving around here?"

I thought it would be better not to say that and I refrained. They walked up to me and one sat down in the charred area. They asked me what I was doing and I told them I had been shooting birds, even though I was unsure that shooting birds was legal. I told them that my grandfather owned the Farm and that I also lived there part of the year.

Then I spoke of the large object which had fallen, "It was as big as a thousand kites. I mean a hundred kites."

He replied, "A hundred kites," and he said it in such a way as if to intimate that I had consciously lied when I had said "a thousand kites."

When he asked me about my gun, I showed it to him and explained that it was just an old .22 caliber. He did not seem to be saying I had actually been breaking any law.

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