Dream of: 06 September 1986 (2) "Baby Tiger"

Another man and I were walking along when I heard a baby crying. We continued walking and I tried to discern where the crying was coming from. Finally, we came across a pack of large orange and black tigers. I thought the crying baby was with the tigers. I ran into the middle of them, but instead of a baby child we found a baby tiger. The other man grabbed the baby tiger and we began walking away. He said to walk slowly before the tigers had a chance to realize what we had done and start chasing us. After we got out of their sight we began running. We could hear the tigers begin to chase us.

The other man handed me the baby tiger and told me to run with it because I was a little stronger than he. We ran on through a wooded area until I came across what appeared to be a kitchen cabinet. I opened the doors to the cabinet, crawled inside with the baby tiger and pulled the doors shut with some handles inside the doors. The other man ran on.

I soon heard something on the outside of the doors trying to get in. I knew it was the tigers. Although it was tight and cramped inside I did not budge. I was hunched over top of the baby tiger and it remained quiet.

We stayed there for a while until it grew quiet outside. I opened the doors, saw some cars nearby and dashed toward them carrying the baby tiger. I jumped into one of the cars and began driving away. I came to a residential area and began going down a hill. I pushed down on the brakes but they would not catch. At least they were only barely catching. There was no traffic and I raced around some corners without incident. I approached a stop sign at the bottom of the hill and I still couldn't stop. I did manage to slow down somewhat and went through the intersection.

At the bottom of the hill I was finally able to find a place to pull over and park. I got out of the car and walked toward a restaurant.

I began thinking the car had actually belonged to some priests. If they tried to press charges against me for theft of auto I had a good defense because I had been trying to escape from the tigers. I even considered trying to have the priests arrested for maintaining an unsafe vehicle with faulty brakes.

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