Dream of: 06 September 1986 "Awful Choice Of Ties"

While walking around at the Gallia County Fair, I met a woman (in her early 20s) who had long brown hair. I spoke to her and picked her up. We left the fair together and went to the House in Patriot. We walked upstairs to the bedroom and lay down in the bed together. I began running my hand over her body, but we didn't actually kiss.

I took off her blouse, under which she was wearing a bra. Lying behind her, I reached my hands around in front and felt her breasts. I took off her bra and began feeling her bare breasts. I started to put my hand down her skirt, but she didn't want me to and stopped me.

Finally, however, we both took off all our clothes and I climbed on top of her. I rubbed my penis against her pubic region, but I didn't actually insert it into her. I did however notice a small amount of white fluid around her vagina and I became somewhat concerned that she might have a venereal disease.

I looked at her teeth; her left front tooth appeared to have a black spot on it. I had already kissed her and thought how disgusting it would be if she actually had a cavity in her tooth. The black spot bothered me and I tried not to even look at it. Overall, however, she wasn't unattractive for someone I had managed to simply pick up off the street. Finally I did have intercourse with her and afterwards she left.

After her departure I became hungry and walked downstairs to search for food. I found some cupcakes (which my mother had made), a large platter of beef, some chocolate chip cookies and some Oreos. I hadn't eaten in quite a while, was quite hungry and carried all the food back upstairs. But before I could begin eating, my father and mother came upstairs and into the room where I was. My father told me he needed me to go to the city of Monroe for him. Apparently his car was broken down and he needed me to help him out by driving there. I asked him how far away it was and he said it was about 30 miles. I replied, "No, it's about 50 miles."

I really didn't want to go to Monroe and finally I flatly refused. My mother told my father she would go for him. I didn't want to see her go either, but I had decided I definitely wasn't going to go. My father became extremely upset, tried to force me to go and became physically violent. My mother tried to restrain him but he grabbed me and threw me down. He stormed out, but soon returned and became violent once again. My mother once again tried to control him and once again he went back downstairs. I felt he was beginning to realize he wasn't going to be able to control my life like he used to.

Meanwhile I was still quite hungry and began eating some of the beef. I broke off large hunks of the brown meat, stuck them into my mouth and chewed them up. I prepared to leave and began putting the Oreos and the chocolate chip cookies into a large bag. I noticed the cup cakes, which I had forgotten, and I also wanted to take them with me.

I planned to go to my Cabin and stay there. Although I knew the Cabin would be hot inside, I thought I would periodically go to the creek and cool off by bathing.

Finally I had everything together and began looking at a large map of Germany. As I looked at the map it seemed I indeed was in Germany. The map showed Germany as being divided into counties. I thought the city of Monroe might be on the map, looked for it, but I couldn't find it. I thought I was on the western side of Germany and perhaps close to Luxembourg. I wasn't exactly sure, however, where I was living here and tried to find the county I was living in. But I couldn't seem to locate it.

The countries on the map seemed to all radiate out from one point on the Rhine roughly the same latitude as Luxembourg. I also noticed quite a few lakes on the map which were interesting because they looked as if they were rectangular with straight edges and were apparently man-made. I hadn't been out much and was unfamiliar with the area. I needed to learn more about the geography of Germany while I was here.

When I finally left the house, instead of going to my Cabin I went to a courthouse where I found a black boy (about 16 years old). He was a legal client I was supposed to defend in a juvenile case. His father was with him. We waked into the courtroom in front of the judge. The boy's father proceeded to argue with the judge and the judge had the father taken away to jail.

Since I didn't agree with the judge's order, I was going to be able to have a new judge hear the case. The new judge walked in and the old judge became the prosecutor in the case.

I sat and waited. I was only wearing a pair of blue jeans and a blue shirt. Some other lawyers began marching in. One of them was Louise. One fellow carried in a bunch of ties which he was selling and sat down on a bench facing me. I asked to see one of the ties and he told me I would need to contribute about a dollar to some kind of children's fund if I wanted to wear one of them. He handed me a bunch of ties to look at and I picked out a black tie with gold circles on it. But instead of the one I had picked out he gave me a gold-colored tie. I also found a gold-colored sports jacket which I put on.

Louise had sat down near me to my right. She seemed to think my choice of ties was awful. When I pointed out however, that the tie matched my gold-colored jacket, she didn't say much. She seemed quite comfortable in the court and apparently did quite a bit of work here. I however seemed a little uncertain of myself because I hadn't been here before.

Finally I said to Louise, "Does my face have any marks on it?"

She answered, "Yea, you stink."

I said, "Well I had a big knock-down-drag-out with my father."

I was going to tell her about the fight I had had with my father. But finally the female judge walked in. I put on my tie and got ready.

The judge began asking different lawyers in the room what they wanted to do with their cases. The judge asked one lady attorney if she had thought about a particular jail for her client. The woman said she would give it some thought. Louise said to the woman lawyer, "Haven't you even thought about what jail the woman is going to go to?"

The woman attorney said she would try to figure it out.

I spoke to Louise again until the judge began asking Louise some questions. I stayed quiet while the judge talked with Louise. A pretty girl, whom Louise was apparently defending, was sitting on Louise's right. Louise began asking her some questions.

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