Dream of: 05 September 1986 "Piece Of Jewelry"

I had gone to a house where someone who appeared to be my sister (not my actual sister) and some other members of my family were staying. I left the house, but returned later and found that only my sister was now there. She was dressed up ready to go somewhere and was wearing bright, red lipstick.

I wanted to have sex with her and I asked her if anyone else was around. When she said no, I pulled her close to me and told her I wanted to have sex with her. I began kissing her, slipped my hands inside her skirt and felt her buttocks. She was in a hurry and wanted to leave. But I told her if she would only give me a minute, it would be all I would need.

She agreed and we pulled off her skirt. She lay back on the couch and spread her legs, between which was some kind of organ which stuck out like a penis. But the organ was designed so it had a large hole in the end of it into which a penis could be inserted. I stuck my penis inside the organ and it felt very good. But apparently it was causing my sister some pain because she began an anguished moan. I wanted to continue, but it was becoming ever clearer that we weren't going to be able to go on.

It began to seem as if I were watching the entire scene from afar. As I watched I began describing to myself what was taking place. I also began describing a piece of jewelry which my sister was wearing either in the collar or a buttonhole of her blouse. It somewhat resembled a fleur de lys but also looked like a cross. On the vertical axis the jewelry had a red color and on the horizontal axis it was blue. I tried to describe the jewelry to myself and I even seemed to be writing down the description. It made me begin to think and finally I got off from top of her. Obviously we weren't going to be able to have sex after all.

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