Dream of: 03 September 1986 "Common Interest"

I was at some kind of fair and came upon a booth where people were betting money on dice. I bought $1,000 worth of some paper used for betting in the game and I placed all the paper on the number two. Another fellow also placed his money on the two. Someone rolled two dice, a one and a one came up and I thought I had won. However I was told the two would need to come up a second time in order for me to win.

The dice were tossed again and again a one and a one appeared. It looked to me as if a one was on every side of the dice. I had won a total of $1,300. I decided I would immediately cash in the $1,300 plus my original $1,000 for a total of $2,300 and quit. I knew it would be best to quit while I was ahead because I might lose if I continued to play.

I handed the man my markers and he began counting out the money to me. I didn't trust the man and when he finished counting out the money I told him to wait while I counted it. I soon discovered he had included some travelers checks (in the money he had given me) in $10, $50, and $100 denominations. It took me a long time to finish counting. Finally, I realized he had actually given me less than $2,000 and I began complaining.

I also was concerned about the travelers checks and I pointed out that they clearly said on them that he must pay me in cash on demand. After I had talked with him for quite a while it appeared I was going to have to go find the owner of the booth and demand my money from him.

I began walking around and discovered I was actually in a classroom which contained a number of other people. I encountered Ramey and I spoke with him about some legal matters. I said I could spend all my time studying one legal subject—the law of horse racing for example—and then if afterwards someone would ask me a question about the subject I wouldn't know anything about it.

I then encountered Maynard (a former high school classmate) and asked her what she had been studying. She said, "Dreams."

She had a large gray book and with a black felt marker she wrote the word "Dreams" on the top of the book. I couldn't believe it and I said, "Dreams?"

I wanted to tell her I had been writing a book on dreams and I asked her if anyone had ever told her about it. She said maybe they had, but if so she couldn't remember. Another girl standing next to Maynard who reminded me of Nina Cahan (a Dallas acquaintance) had also been working on dreams. I was surprised I had actually found two people who shared a common interest with me in dreams.

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