Dream of: 02 September 1986 "Kentucky Space Ship"

I was with some people on a space ship traveling around the earth. We encountered another space ship and some people on my ship, including myself, were able to board the other ship where we found other people with whom we began talking. I met one fellow on the ship who was about my age and talked with him. We finally landed on earth.

About 10 days later I was sitting with my grandmother Mabel at the Gallia County Farmhouse when I heard a knock on the door. I answered the door and there found the same fellow whom I had met on the space ship. His father was with him and they both looked like Japanese.

The younger brother of the fellow was still out in space on the space ship. I had seen the younger brother before I had returned to earth and they began asking me questions about my encounter with him. I gave them all the information I could. Finally the fellow asked me if I had been told where the space ship had originated that the younger brother had been on. I said I had been told that it was from Kentucky and the fellow said in French, "Tu mens."

I replied, "Je ne mens pas."

He said the ship wasn't actually from Kentucky. But I told him they had told me the space ship was from Kentucky. He sat down on a bed in the room. I became angry because of his accusing me of lying, told him to leave and pushed him outside. However I continued to be polite with the father until he also departed.

I began to think the fellow might try to bother me later. I hoped the space ship returned soon because I didn't want to have any more trouble with the fellow.

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