Dream of: 01 September 1986 "Recurring Pattern"

I was sitting in the living room of my mother's home where I had been living for about two months. My mother was busily arranging different sizes and colors of construction paper in interesting patterns on the walls, using long needles to hold the paper in place. I thought she had conceived the idea after having seen some of my collages.

She was upset with me about something and was complaining. Actually she had been doing quite a bit of complaining lately. I told her it was a recurring pattern for her to begin complaining after I had been around for two months. As in the past, I would only be able to tolerate her complaining for one more month then I would have to leave.

I walked into the next room where I found my old high school friend, Mike Walls (also living there) and his wife. Walls was working with my computer. I walked over to it, saw some orange writing on the screen along with the usual green writing and asked Walls how he had made the orange writing appear. Then I saw he was using some of his own software which seemed to cause the orange writing.

I told Walls that Steve Weinstein was going to come and visit me soon. I was happy because I liked seeing Weinstein. Walls however didn't seem to care much for Weinstein and he showed it.

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