Dream of: 29 August 1986 "Serving Satan"

I was strolling down a city street looking for a certain building. I reached the building and went in. There had previously been a bank in the building; but the bank had moved out and now all the offices were empty. Almost immediately after I had entered the lobby a large metallic machine which was operating fell on top of me and pressed me to the ground. I tried and tried to slide out from under it, but I was unsuccessful. Finally however I was able to pull myself out from under it and I stood up. I was amazed. I didn't know where the machine had come from or how it had fallen on top of me.

I had some noble intention of saving someone somewhere in the building. I began walking and soon I heard someone's footsteps. I began trying to hide. I walked into a room and could see some shadows passing by in the hall. I thought whoever it was was going to find me and I decided to attack him before he discovered me. I jumped toward him and suddenly encountered two men in front of me.

I was ready to fight them. I had my red-handled razor knife I use for cutting out pictures and I was going to use it against the men. I suddenly realized, however, that the men were definitely much stronger than I. Plus I began to think that I was the one actually trespassing and that they had caught me.

I began trying to escape, but then I turned again toward them with my knife. One also had a razor-like knife. He said, "You want to fight? I'm hypnotically desensitized. I can't feel anything."

We began fighting. At one point I had hold of both of them and I tried to stack them on top of each other, but they easily escaped me and soon gained the upper hand. Each time I tried to escape they blocked me. They began talking about subduing me. They talked as if I were the evil one. They seemed so powerful and the more they talked the more doubts I began to have about myself. They said something about my serving Satan. It began to appear that they were working on the side of good and that I was working on the side of evil. I began to reflect that they might possibly be correct. That possibility was very disturbing to me.

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