Dream of: 28 August 1986 "Peurs"

I had gone to visit old philosophy professor Rembert Glass, who was sitting behind a desk piled with books in a room which apparently served as his study. I sat down in one of the several chairs around the desk. I noticed a brown reclinable arm-chair in the room. On his desk I noticed a book called Peurs. I thought it was a French book meaning "Fears."

Rembert (bearded and about 40 years old) was occupied with something at first and seemed rather distant. I talked about dreams, but he didn't seem interested. He looked up and seemed to become a bit more animated.

The subject finally arose as to knowing where one was when one was dreaming. Rembert started to become quite interested. He maintained that it was best not to know where you were when you were dreaming. I disagreed and said I really needed to know where I was when I was dreaming.

Apparently, Rembert had read some books and done quite a bit of study about that particular subject. He continued to maintain that it was a better level to reach when you didn't know where you where when dreaming. I said, "Well you could go the opposite way. One could know where he was at the beginning of the dream and then work toward not knowing where he was."

He became animated and stood up. He seemed to think I had grasped the concept about what he had been saying. It was as if I had come half-way. He seemed to be indicating that I was thinking positively if I would consider beginning the dream knowing where I was and move toward a place where I didn't know where I was.

He talked about dreams he had had in which he hadn't known where he was. He said he would be amazed when he would awaken. He would awake, go to his desk, sit down and smoke cigarettes (he mentioned Kool cigarettes) while he thought about what he had dreamed. It disturbed me that he was still smoking cigarettes.

Apparently, he had also read a book by someone who had written stories about that particular subject. Referring to the author of that book he said, "I thank you very much, story teller."

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