Dream of: 27 August 1986 (2) "Leaving Texas"

Louise and I were in a car I was driving in Texas. I was unsure exactly where we were, but I was trying to leave Texas. I also had another car here which I was trying to find. Suddenly I saw the other car, a white car. It came down a hill without a driver, hit something, bounced into the air, smashed to the ground and then landed upright in the driveway of a house. It appeared to be drivable, but I was unsure.

I pulled the car I was driving over to the side of the road, got out and walked over to the white car. I got in and tried to start it. It lurched forward a little toward another car sitting in front of it in the driveway. But it didn't hit it. Then the car died and I couldn't seem to restart it.

Some people were in the yard. A woman walked up to me and asked me about the car. She told me it had been around here for a while and she had reported it to the police, who wanted to see me when I came to get it. Apparently I had some tickets against me about which the police wanted to talk with me. She told me where the police station was, but I had no intention of going to the police station if I could avoid it.

I walked back to the car where Louise was and told her that when I got the other car started she would have to drive the car she was in. She could follow me as we tried to wend our way out of Texas. She didn't like the idea, but there really was no alternative.

I still didn't know exactly where we were. We had been driving along a road for quite a long way. The woman walked up again. English was obviously not her native language, but she could speak it passably well. I asked her if she could tell us where we were. But she couldn't seem to express herself well. She said we were on the Autobahn, but that didn't help me any. There was an intersection nearby and I asked her if she could tell us where those roads led. She tried, but I couldn't make heads or tails of what she said. Another girl walked up and began trying to help us.

I pulled out a map. They said we were in a village and gave us the name, the first letter of which was "A." I began trying to find the village on the map, but was unsuccessful. Finally the girl pointed to an area northwest of Dallas and said the village was somewhere there. I thought that was good because we were near the state line. I wanted to get out of Texas as quickly as possible and avoid any confrontations with the police.

But I still couldn't find exactly where we were. I thought we would just have to drive until we came to something recognizable.

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