Dream of: 25 August 1986 (4) "Blue Dams"

I had moved into an upstairs apartment in a building in Portsmouth, Ohio. From my apartment I could see a nearby bar located on the second floor of a building. One night I was standing on the back porch of my apartment and saw a fellow named Glen I had known at Baylor Law School go into the bar. He made a little leap into the air when he entered and screamed loudly. He seemed to know everyone inside.

The door of the bar was open and I could see Phil Matiz (a former Portsmouth acquaintance). I thought the gang I used to associate with in Portsmouth must frequent the bar. I could also see a pool table inside. At first I did not think I wanted to go over there and drink anything alcoholic, but finally, I decided to go and see what was going on.

I walked into the bar. Steve Buckner and a girl I thought might be Sussie Schultz were sitting at the bar. They had a stack of record albums and on the front of one of the records was a picture of the girl, who apparently had been producing albums.

I was carrying a small, black and red hand accordion. I walked up to Steve, who had a musical instrument with him. We began playing music together and continued for about five minutes as people listened to us. We did not sound bad, although I only had a few notes I could play on my accordion. I did not really even know how to produce those; however, a melody seemed to come out as I played. When we finished everyone in the bar began clapping and I felt good.

Bob Morris (a former high school classmate), who was sitting at the bar, said something about buying me a beer. I said ok, and he ordered me an "Alheimers." I sat down at the bar and Matiz said that four guys had been shot that day by Leroy Kegley (another former high school schoolmate), who was now a law officer. One fellow had been named "Moon." I wanted to know who Moon was and whether it was the same Moon who had been a law student with me in law school. The way they described him it sounded like the same Moon I knew.

Apparently, the four fellows had been under arrest and had been shot when they had tried to escape. I asked why Moon had been arrested. Bob said Moon had been shooting up a drug called "blue dams." I thought the man must have been another Moon because the Moon I knew did not use any alcohol or drugs.

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