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Dream of: 25 August 1986 (3) "Pleading Guilty"

I was in Canada and began to become concerned because I hadn't paid my income tax. I decided to go a Canadian court, admit my guilt and see what would happen. I figured if I simply pleaded guilty as to being negligent in paying my income taxes that it would have no adverse effects on my status as a lawyer because such an offense was just a misdemeanor.

I entered a courtroom where a judge dressed in a white suit was handling some other cases. The judge was a tall, slender, white-haired man (about 50 years old). The courtroom seemed rather informal; the judge was just sitting behind a table. Finally, the judge and I were the only ones left in the room. I walked up and told him why I was here and that I wanted to plead guilty. He considered the matter and finally passed sentence. He said, "I sentence you to 65 in jail probated for 5 years."

He then told me I wouldn't actually have to go to jail but I would have to leave the country and I wouldn't be able to return for five years. I asked him if I could simply leave for just 65 days. He said, "No you'll have to go from the country for the full 5 years."

I walked away. I wasn't very bothered because I thought I would probably just go to Mexico, but I began to wonder what in the world had possessed me to go to the court house and turn myself in in the first place. Nothing had been gained from it. I should have gone to a lawyer for advice before having done such a stupid thing. It had been simply ridiculous for me to have done what I had done.

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