Dream of: 21 August 1986 "Dead Ducks"

I was in Portsmouth, Ohio, walking south on Brown Street on the part of the street which goes down a hill between Third Street and Jackson Street. I was wearing dress pants, a white shirt, and a tie. I decided I would float down the hill instead of walking. I let myself rise a about a half meter off the ground and then I positioned my body parallel to the ground with my face turned toward the ground. My tie hung just above the ground. As I drifted down the hill, I wondered if anyone had seen me.

I landed on Jackson Street and walked into a restaurant. Debi and Shaw (with both of whom I first came in contact in 1964 when we were in the seventh grade together) walked in, but they went into another part of the restaurant without seeing me. I thought I would really like to see Debi, but I did not want to approach her as long as Shaw was with her. Finally, however, I walked into the part of the restaurant where they had gone. I saw a woman who I thought was Caryl (another former junior high classmate with whom I first came in contact in 1964 when we were in the seventh grade together), but I was not quite certain that the woman was Caryl. I had not seen her since high school.

Suddenly, a woman recognized me and motioned me to her table. I stood behind the woman and talked to her. Debi was sitting at the table directly across from me and Shaw was sitting beside her. Debi saw and recognized me. Looking at her, I felt very emotional and I intensely wanted to talk with her.

She said something to me and I spoke back to her. Shaw did not seem to mind. A couple got up from the table where I was standing and left. Debi and Shaw rose. Apparently, Shaw was leaving. Debi rose and walked over to where I was and the woman at my table suggested that Debi sit there and that I sit next to her. We sat down next to each other and began talking.

I specifically did not want to talk about the past and I told them so. I said I had changed a lot in the past year and I now thought more about the future. They seemed to think that was good, but they themselves were still very caught up in the past.

I had been carrying my flute with me and I had laid it on the table. Some people were looking it over.

I told them I was interested in going to Mexico and finding goods to export from the country. I had been in Mexico before, but the laws there made investing foreign money there difficult. While in Mexico, I had seen dead ducks being loaded on ships and I had mental images of the scene as I described it to the people at my table. I did not want to be involved in exporting meat, but I had looked into that area anyway.

I thought as a lawyer, I could give advice concerning export laws so people in the United States could rely on me to invest money in Mexico. If my advice caused them to lose money, they could collect on my malpractice insurance.

I was still trying to emphasize to Debi that I tried to think of the future. I said, "I tend not to look back so much at the past anymore."

However, I added that I did still think about people like her sometimes. I was also somewhat trying to impress her. I knew she had been in Portsmouth all these years, and here I was a lawyer engaged in international affairs. Nevertheless, I liked sitting there with her.

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