Dream of: 18 August 1986 "Stress And Strife"

A woman and I had entered into a different type of reality, a place which I described as "another world." The woman had to meet another man and attend to some matters there. We had a car with us and I told her I would keep the car and wait for her. She seemed a bit apprehensive, but I told her not to worry, that I wouldn't leave without her. The area where we were was actually rather small. I told her if she couldn't find me when she returned then someone must have me and she would need to search for me.

As she was leaving I thought I would pass my time singing. I almost felt as if I were singing a song from a musical play. But I had no lyrics prepared and I simply began making them up as I sang. I sang out, "World here I am, Just take me as I am. ........... my life .......... stress and strife. I just love to smell a sweet rose, I just love to hear the crows caw. World here I am."

My voice was clear and resonant. I was uncertain how to make words rhyme and still keep the flow of the song, but somehow the words seemed to come to me. When I sang the words "stress and strife," I at first sang "strife and stress" but immediately changed the words so "life" would rhyme with "strife." When I sang "crows caw" I thought "caw" would rhyme with rose."

I wondered if anyone were listening to me. I thought I was singing admirably well, but I wasn't certain I believed all I was singing. For example I didn't really care that much about smelling the sweet rose; but it sounded good.

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