Dream of: 15 August 1986 "Words from Nowhere"

I was on a stage acting in a play. I had acted in the same play in the past, but it had been quite a while ago and I was concerned I might have forgotten some of my lines. I had the script with me in case I might forget something. The play seemed written in rhyming lines and my parts were fairly lengthy.

About a half dozen other actors were on the stage and a rather large audience was present. The play moved along and every time it was my turn to speak I was able to remember my part without problem. I did not seem to know what I was going to say until I heard my cue. Then suddenly the words would just seem to come to me from nowhere.

Finally, another female actress and I sat on a couch at the rear of the stage and the other actors moved toward the front. I leafed through the play, noticed I did not appear to have any more parts, and was relieved.

The other actors at one point went out into the audience as they performed. The woman actress and I just sat and watched. I picked up a dish which had a bit of popcorn in it and began eating some. The woman turned around and looked incredulously at me and I realized my crunching the corn might be distracting. Then she even ate some of the popcorn herself.

I then realized the woman was Kay Ann Crapyou. I had not seen her since we had attended the sixth grade together. She looked as if she were in her early 30s. She was slender and had short dark hair. I felt a certain consanguinity between us and slipped my arm around her waist. I wanted to get to know her better. I thought she was very much like me. She was an intelligent, creative person but she did not have anyone with whom to share her feelings. I thought she had liked me for some time already but I had ignored her. It was time to remedy that. I asked her if she would like to go eat with me after the play and she accepted.

When the play ended, Kay and I walked outside. There I found a white car which belonged to my mother. My brother Chris was sitting in the car on the passenger side of the front seat. I thought he wanted to go with us. My car was also there but I could not get it out because my mother's car was blocking it. So I walked into a house and told my mother I was going to take her car and was going to take Chris with us.

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